‘You Need Calm’: The Secret Weapon To A Perfect Blindside

In this week’s Australian Survivor Talking Tribal, the panel discussed the wildest Tribal Councils, and why they’re not always the most effective.

This week in Australian Survivor: Blood V Water, the battle between Jordie and Sam continued, as ‘The Joker’ saw himself battling for his life in the game.

Though he had revealed to everyone in the tribe that Sam had snagged Jesse’s idol before blindsiding him, right before he was voted to go to purgatory, Jordie put up a huge fight and went out swinging, openly claiming that Sam and Mark now each held an idol.

While the rest of the tribe had their doubts, Sam and Mark simply denied Jordie’s version of events (despite them being the truth) and ultimately the core alliance stuck together to vote Jordie out.

It was a massive clash, and now that Jordie has won his way back into the game, there’ll definitely be repercussions, and perhaps a renewed thirst for revenge as he attempts to seek vindication for Jesse.

Reflecting on the week’s episodes, Australian Survivor Talking Tribal’s George, Hayley, Shannon and James each weighed in on their favourite major moments from Tribal Councils, but it was the surprisingly chill ones that Shannon admitted you always have to watch out for.

“Often the biggest blindsides happen when there’s calm,” Shannon explained. “I think that distinction has been really interesting.”

Using the US season Winners At War as an example, the season was packed with twists and ‘live tribals’ — where players will get up during Tribal Council and whisper, huddle or scramble to confirm or create new plans.

“But it was when the situation was at its calmest, and everyone’s just sitting there and you don’t expect the chaos that someone would get blindsided,” Shannon added. “Sometimes a distinction between chaos and calm, and the way that the blindsides can come out of the calm, that’s really interesting to me.”

The current reigning Sole Survivor, Hayley, agreed and added that, “When you’re trying to pull off a blindside and everyone’s trying to keep ‘mum’ and keep quiet about not trying to spook the person who’s going home, you don’t want chaos.

“The last thing you want is everyone up and whispering in everyone’s ears because the person you’re trying to blindside will play an idol because they’re not quite sure what’s going on. So, you need calm.”

On top of calm, George added that there’s a special talent that players need when it comes to answering Jonathan’s Tribal Council queries.

“There’s nothing more exciting than something like throwing a bit of spin at Tribal Council… a couple of times this season we’ve seen some of the players openly throw out a name, but I always enjoy it when you say one thing and it gets interpreted two different ways by two different factions. That’s always a fun thing for me.”

After Shay, KJ and Jordie won their way back into the game after surviving purgatory, will they have a renewed sense of calm about them, or will the so-called ‘misfits’ bring a tornado of chaos to shake up the core alliance once and for all?

Only time will tell when Australian Survivor continues.

See more of George, Hayley and Shannon’s thoughts this week, plus an interview with our most recent member of the jury in the latest episode of Australian Survivor Talking Tribal in the video above.

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