Where To Find Every Episode Referenced In The Australian Survivor Talking Tribal Pre Season Episode

The first episode of Talking Tribal is out and James Mathison, Queen Hayley Leake, King George Mladenov and Shannon Guss dissected the previews of Australian Survivor: Blood V Water.

While sharing their thoughts on the players who have been revealed so far, strategies and past seasons of the game, they referenced several epic moments from Survivor US and Australian Survivor which every fan needs to see if they haven’t already.

Keep reading for all the jaw-dropping episodes but beware, there are spoilers ahead!

Australian Survivor

Season 6 - Brains V Brawn

Shannon: “You’ve had your classic nice guys like Simon Black who are more there for the physical stuff and can't keep up as much strategically...”

Episode 6

George: "Cara Atchison saved me."

Episode 23

George: “There was nothing more valuable to me than having Cara there, I saved Cara.”

Episode 24

James: “She’s won the whole damn thing. Our reigning Sole Survivor, Queen Hayley, welcome to the show and congratulations on your win last season.”

Season 5 – All Stars

Hayley: "Previous winners Jericho Malabonga and Shane Gould were sent home almost immediately."

Season 4 – Champions V Contenders

Episode 23

Shannon: “But look at Luke Toki, he comes in as one returnee, he comes fourth, these people can do very well and go very far.”

Season 3 - Champions V Contenders

Shannon: “There have been so many athletes on Survivor... you’ve had athletes like Mat Rogers who will rule the game with an iron fist, probably come in with a leadership mentality that he had in sports...”

Season 2

Episode 6

James: "Sam Gash was voted out sixth...”

Episode 7

James: "And Mark Wales was voted out seventh in the original season."

Season 1

Shannon: “And then you’ve had people like Lee Carseldine who try to reconcile at points that sport makes your mentality with the game which can be really hard and change the structure of the first season.”

Survivor US

Season 7 – Pearl Islands

Episode 15

Shannon: “She won her first two games of Survivor.” (The first season that Sandra Diaz won.)

Season 27 - Blood vs Water

Episode 1

George: “When Gervase Peterson started antagonising the losing tribe that was going to Tribal Council, they voted off his niece.”

Episode 9

Shannon: “Having a loved one go very early has been a successful pathway in the game, it can free you up to form those other appropriate relationships like Tyson did with Gervase."

Episode 10

Shannon: “I do see it as a team game, the relationships supersede the game for me every time, even in the famous example where a player voted out her mum. Her mum was already going home, and I think history looks at that as a big move and it’s a big move to write mum down on a piece of parchment, but it was better for the team for her to do that.”

Season 29 - Blood vs Water

Episode 5

Shannon: “You have a partner who can be a detriment to your game... we’ve seen that before, Kelly and Dale are a really iconic example of it, he pissed some people off and she suffered for it.”

Episode 9

Shannon: “Having a loved one go very early has been a successful pathway in the game, it can free you up to form those other appropriate relationships like Natalie Anderson did with Jeremy Collins and then she went on her own.”

Season 20 – Heroes vs Villains

Episode 14

Shannon: “She won her first two games of Survivor.” (The second season Sandra won.)

Episode 8

“She’ll hop on to short-term plans that’ll get her as far as the next vote, that’ll get her as far as the next phase and that’ll get her into long-term success. A really great example of that is how she will make up lies if she has to... an example of that is she told Russell Hantz that Coach Wade was coming for him which was completely fabricated, it got Coach out of the game.”

Season 34 – Game Changers

Episode 4

Hayley: “My favourite moment of hers is she just has this ability to find a crack and make it bigger, like the sugar incident that Shannon alluded to, she saw that two players were feuding, so she ate all the sugar and pinned it on Michaela Bradshaw and then James ‘JT’ Thomas and Michaela had this massive fight and it ended up sending JT home.”

Episode 5

Shannon: “She was voted out at her first Tribal Council after the swap, it was another tribe in Game Changers that hadn't really been able to make those bonds with her...”

Season 39 – Island Of The Idols

Shannon: “Sandra Diaz was given a mentoring role.”

Hayley: "There was a giant statue made out of her face - she is the Queen."

Season 40 – Winners At War

Episode 6

Shannon: “And then the last season in Winners At War there was just one player with two Idols who was like ‘she's a threat, I'm going to be a queen slayer, I'm going to take her out.’”

Episode 1

Shannon: "Sandra played with loved ones with Boston Rob and Amber. She was mad at Boston Rob, but didn't have access to him so she voted out Amber and Boston Rob was really mad at her."

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