‘I Can’t Wait!’: King George Mladenov Joins Australian Survivor Talking Tribal In 2022

Fresh from his stint on Australian Survivor: Brains V Brawn, the king himself will join the gang for an all-new season of Australian Survivor Talking Tribal.

Playing one of the most bombastic and stunningly chaotic games in recent history, King George Mladenov emerged as a fan favourite during Brains V Brawn with his big moves and always evolving strategy.

Having made it all the way to Final Tribal, sitting next to Hayley Leake, George knows a thing or two about what it takes to Outwit, Outplay and Outlast so thankfully we’re getting even more George in 2022.

On Wednesday it was announced that in 2022, the seventh season of Australian Survivor would be themed Blood V Water, and George is on board to join the Australian Survivor Talking Tribal team to dissect every twist and blindside along the way.

“I am so excited that a new season of Australian Survivor is coming back to Channel 10 in 2022!” George told 10 play.

“So many people have said to me that watching Australian Survivor was the only thing that was getting them through lockdown. For me it was kind of the same!

“The highlight of my week was sitting down in my living room with my dog and seeing all the mayhem unfold on our screens! More often than not I was laughing along at all of the jokes while being both thrilled and entertained at seeing all of the amazing moves and blindsides each week.”

Having just come off his own season George joked that he “feels like one of those retired footballers that comes back to become a commentator when their career is over”.

“For Season 7 I can have a well-deserved rest and not have to worry about praying to Macedonian Jesus that I survive another Tribal! The bar was raised really high in Brains v Brawn, so it is going to be really exciting to analyse how a new bunch of Survivors approach the best game in the world!”

Having watched Australian Survivor Talking Tribal throughout his own season, George said he was proud to see the gang dissect his moves throughout the season. With a full 48 days under his buff, George said he was more than ready to watch along a whole new season to provide his unique take on what works well and what doesn’t when the game is in full swing.

In 2022, Australian Survivor will take on a whole new element when castaways will have to play in pairs, bonded by blood — siblings, married couples, in-laws — but at the end of the day there can still only be one Sole Survivor.

“I hope the Season 7 cast take a ‘no regrets’ attitude to the game and have fun while they’re out there,” George said.

“Playing Survivor is a once (or twice) in a lifetime opportunity for most. I hope what the new crew of castaways have learned from my time on Survivor is to grab and maximise any opportunity by the skin of their teeth and to plan for every single outcome.

"Have every single conversation, never stop looking for advantages and idols, and back your instinct to do what needs to be done to survive!”

Australian Survivor: Blood V Water is coming to Network 10 and 10 play in 2022

Join George and the gang when Australian Survivor Talking Tribal returns in 2022