Australian Survivor Talking Tribal 2022: What Does Juicy Dave’s Idol Play Mean For Khanh?

Dissecting all the moves, blindsides and Idols of the first week, the Australian Survivor Talking Tribal team explained everything Super Idol.

Just a few episodes in and already we’ve had fireworks at multiple Tribal Councils, plus a few Idols and twists in the game that have major consequences for a few players. Most notably, when Dave took Khanh to the Survivor Store the pair were greeted with two halves of a Super Idol.

On their own, the halves could be used as a regular Immunity Idol, but if reunited they could be a massively powerful weapon of destruction.

“Usually with Idols you play them before the votes are read,” Survivor stats expert Shannon Guts explained, “so you don’t know if you had the most votes, you could waste one for example as Chrissy did.

“The Super Idol, as this is being described, is that you play it after the votes are read. So you know that you’ve been voted out, there’s no way to waste it and you’re just like nope! I’m staying in the game.”

Though a hugely powerful asset in the game, this Super Idol came with the twist that it was shared between Dave and Khanh, requiring both of them to reunite their halves and essentially they would need to agree on when it could be used.

“That can be really, really difficult and it is such a fun twist,” Shannon continued.

“Even if David hadn’t played his Idol and that was still an option, Khanh and David seem to have quite a negative relationship… we can have fun with people trying to play shared idols and screwing someone over because they don’t have the same vision for that Idol,” she said.

This isn’t the first time a Super Idol has made its way into Australian Survivor. In 2017 Ziggy found a singular Super Idol that gave her the ability to nullify someone else’s Immunity Idol. But this split Idol added even more fun and complexity into the mix.

Unfortunately for Khanh, unaware that after David’s implosion at Red Tribe’s first Tribal Council he played his half of the Idol, that means the opportunity to reunite the halves and use the Super Idol to its greatest impact may have slipped through his fingers.

Despite that, Khanh still has a working Immunity Idol around his neck, making him the second person on the Blue Tribe to score an Idol after Shay discovered a Hidden Immunity Idol stashed in the trees at camp.

After just one week it’s clear the game is officially on, and we can’t wait to see what other twists and turns are in store for this season.

Check out Shannon, James, Hayley and George as they chat all things Australian Survivor: Blood V Water in this week’s Australian Survivor Talking Tribal.

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