Do you have an appetite for change?

Air Date: Thu 26 Mar 2015

From planet to plate, follow Lynton Tapp as he explores the connection between Australian landscape and the food we eat

About the Show

For most people the closest they get to understanding where their food comes from is their local supermarket.

Farming too is a foreign concept to most – something we drive past on our way to another capital city or see on TV when a farmer wants a wife.

And let’s be honest, who actually reads the label or cares where it’s from – as long as the shelves stay stocked.

If we’re so removed from the process, continue to blindly assume that fresh produce and ingredients will turn up at our local supermarket forever, and reserve the right to complain about the cost of a litre of milk or loaf of bread – the impact of climate change on farming and our food supply seems an abstract concept for most. Really, how much would things change?

In our 22 minute documentary, titled, Appetite for Change, celebrity chef and former cattle farmer, Lynton Tapp, will meet some naïve Aussies, innocently shopping at their local supermarket. He’ll analyse their shopping trolleys to open their eyes, hearts & minds to the imminent results of climate change, not only to farmers, communities and produce but how it will affect things closer to home and their own way of life.

Lynton will go on a journey of discovery to meet the farmers and families who are at the frontline of our food supply chain and we’ll watch him whip up some delicious meals using the farmers’ local produce. Together, with some of the world’s leading scientists, we’ll discover just how much our lives will change and the devastating effect it will have not only on our way of life, communities and loved ones, but the planet as well.