Ambulance Australia's Most Heart-Warming Moments

Ambulance Australia is full of heart-stopping, jaw-dropping emergencies.

After witnessing some of the danger-infused situations our paramedics face on a daily basis, we are in awe of the strength and bravery of our Aussie heroes.

Every emergency will have you sitting on the edge of your seat. But here are a handful of moments, that despite being in the midst of tragedy, will warm your heart and bring a smile to your face.

Unexpected Pregnancy

While on their way to the hospital, a mother gives birth to her baby in the car. It hits close to home for paramedic, Patia, who is four months pregnant. “As a paramedic, we don’t see that many pregnancies that go well… To actually deliver a little baby into the world and see new life is really special.”

Watch this beautiful moment in episode 3.

A Javelin To The Groin

Now this is something you can’t dream up.

In an interesting code 1 emergency, Peter and Phil are assigned to a young man in his 20s who had a javelin penetrate his groin. Ouch!

But a painful injury isn’t the only thing that forms – a friendship does too! In a heart-warming moment, Jerome invites Phil to visit his home city, Hong Kong, and then asks Phil for a selfie. Not even a javelin to the groin can stop the selfie movement, after all - Instagram or it didn’t happen.

Watch this cringey, yet funny moment in episode 7.

Underpants On The Loose

Mat and Patia are on the hunt for a man who is running loose in Brisbane with nothing but his underpants on. “He is conscious, he is breathing, problem is, he is wearing his underwear.”

Watch this light-hearted moment in episode 6.

Cherry Picker To The Rescue

An elderly lady has a bad fall with possible hip and neck injuries. Since the staircase is “like playing Tetris with a spinal board,” Mat and Patia decide to call in the fire and rescue squad so they can use a cherry picker to transport the lady out of the window. “I like to treat the elderly like I am treating my own family members and give them that respect and dignity I think is very important in our job”.

Watch this heart-warming moment in episode 6.

Who Keeps Coughing?

Now this isn’t something you see every day.

While the paramedics are on call at an elderly couple’s house, they notice someone, or something, coughing A LOT. Enter Charlie, their pet parrot. This vocal animal has learnt how to perfectly mimic the distinct cough of a smoker. LOL. But also, ergh.

Watch this hilarious moment in episode 8.