Machines In The Mountains: The Cracking New Shows ONE

From Alaska Aircrash Investigations to the Rocky Mountain Railroad, discover the teams with the most extreme jobs in the most rugged conditions

Alaska Aircrash Investigations lifts the lid on the responsibilities of the NTSB, the National Transportation Safety Board – aka the detectives of the aviation world.

The largest state in America, only 20% of Alaska can be accessed by road. Travelling by air is a necessity for the state’s residents and the many tourists who come to explore its awe-inspiring terrain.

There’s one accident every few days, and it’s the job of the NTSB to find the wreckage, secure the crash site and determine the cause of the accident in order to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

This fascinating program offers insights into the day-to-day activities of an essential investigative unit whose stories are rarely told.

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Just across the American/Canadian border stretches one of the most impressive and treacherous mountain ranges in the world – The Rockies. Snaking through it is the railway line

Canada’s economy depends on, transporting food, fuel, supplies and people. 

Ensuring the country rolls along smoothly is an elite railroad crew working in extreme wintry conditions.

Avalanches, giant icicles, rockslides and dangerous wildlife are a constant challenge for the team tasked with looking after this vital supply line.

Rocky Mountain Railroad is an exclusive journey through a rugged landscape as the country’s toughest team battle it out with the forces of nature that threaten to bring the trains screaming to a halt.

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Alaska Aircrash Investigations airs 8.30 Wednesdays, and Rocky Mountain Railroad 7.30 Thursdays on ONE, or catch up on tenplay