‘It Was A Real Thrill’: Guy Pearce Talks About The New Series Advancing Australia

Guy Pearce is trading the lights of showbiz to dig deep into some major issues affecting Aussies across the country.

From mental health to climate change, polluted oceans to physical impairments, Guy travelled the country to meet the innovative Aussies who are coming up with the solutions to some of these massive problems.

“It was a real thrill to explore some incredible work being done by a wide variety of Aussies leading the way, globally, across a broad range of fields,” the actor said.

“Being involved in Advancing Australia gave me a unique insight into some exceptional examples of Australian innovation.”

Across the 12-part series, one issue will be put under the spotlight, told through the eyes of the Aussies who are working to not only generate change but also inspiring others to do the same.

“Series creator Ben Gartland and his team have done an exceptional job of exploring some far-reaching corners of our great nation and uncovering some wonderful new and world-leading ideas that are emerging,” Guy said.

“I’m always curious about the way in which we humans are progressing, but I have a particular interest in what we as a nation are offering up in the world of innovation.”

In the first episode - airing Saturday, 27 March at 6pm - Guy meets with three Aussies who are taking on the issue quite literally clogging our waterways — plastic pollutants that are being dumped into our oceans.

A surfer, a marine biologist, and a faux fur designer each share how they’re making an impact on an issue that — if left unchecked — could spell disaster for our pristine beaches, marine life and ocean health.

Advancing Australia premieres on Sunday, 27 March at 6pm or watch on demand on 10 play.