About the Show

Take His Legs is the remarkable story of the birth of Physical Disability Rugby League (PDRL) in the UK, and the rise of the Warrington Wolves PDRL team, from open trial, to World Champions in just 6 months.

The launch of PDRL in the UK was largely thanks to the enthusiasm and passion of Adam Hills, professional comedian, host of award-winning Channel 4 show ‘The Last Leg’, and die-hard rugby league fan – who was aware of the sport’s existence in Australia, but the UK was lagging behind.

Adam was the driving force behind the formation of the Warrington Wolves PDRL. Through trial days and huge community support, further teams were formed across the north of England, and matches played, as the sport grew exponentially in the UK. Players travelled from all over the country to finally get the chance to play the sport they love, and the communities rallied behind the teams with John Bishop even hosting an all-star comedy fundraiser for the Wolves PDRL.

In August 2018 the sport went global: the first ever International Club Challenge match was played as Warrington flew to Sydney to play against the South Sydney Rabbitohs, representing Australia, in the first match of its kind. They played in ANZ stadium, in front of the Rabbitohs owner, Russell Crowe, who would visit the Warrington dressing room at full time. Only a few months after their first ever game, Warrington were crowned world champions, beating a Rabbitohs team that had been playing the sport for over 8 years.

Take His Legs has documented the formation of this sport, the first ever game in the UK and Adam’s journey from celebrity advocate and enthusiast to teammate and “brother”. The sport is no less physical than able-bodied rugby league, with Adam knocked unconscious in a game against Leeds, and the players thriving in a no-holds barred sport, so rare in disability competition.

Adam is now living out a boyhood dream. Born into a rugby mad family, he was given a toy rabbit in the red and green colours of the Rabbitohs when he was only a few days old. Adam shared the sport with his father, attending Rabbitohs games together at Redfern Oval, but had to give up playing as a teenager, when his prosthetic was deemed too dangerous to others. Adam lost his father to cancer a few years ago. On Father’s Day 2018, Adam ran onto that same Redfern Oval pitch in Sydney to play the sport he had been told he would never play again.

This is Adam’s personal journey and also the story of an incredible band of brothers finally doing what they thought was never possible. The Warrington team had to overcome defeat in their first ever match to prove themselves the best in England, before travelling to Australia to prove themselves the best in the world.

Take His Legs also deals with mental health, PTSD, and the true impact of sport and teamwork on the mental well-being of a group of young men who have now formed remarkable bonds and whose WhatsApp group is now a support network. This is a story of passion and determination, and the amazing ability of sport to unite and overcome.