You’re Never Isolated With A 10 Speaks Podcast In Your Ears

Whether you’re working from home or self-quarantining, you’re probs feeling a bit isolated. Surround yourself with interesting tales and conversations with a 10 speaks podcast


They say laughter is the best medicine. And while it won’t cure coronavirus, it will help you take your mind off it. Unless the jokes are about corona, in which case you’ll still be thinking about it, but the atmosphere may feel a little lighter... in the bunker.   

Hughesy, We Have A Problem: The Podcast, is perfect for anyone looking for light relief. The audio version of the Hughesy, We Have A Problem the TV show - in it, Australia’s best comedians get together and try to solve the problems of everyday Aussies. You don’t have to start from the start, you can pick any episode, they’re all funny, then start sending Hughesy your problems.  

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Sandra Sully is a household name in Australia. A respected journalist and news presenter and a bloody great interviewer. In her podcast, Short Black, she chats to women who are making greabig positive changes in the world. Interviewees include Vogue Australia editor-in-chief, Edwina McCann, former politician Julie Bishop, social researcher Eliane Miles, and many more.  

What really makes this podcast is the personal element - Inspiring women opening up about themselves, their experiences, and what drives them to do the work they do. Start at the start with Kath Koschel – an athlete who turned a series of tragedies into The Kindness Factory. We really need a lot of kindness right now, so this one's a must listen.  

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News And Current Affairs  

OK, so this is probably where you wanna come if you wanna know about corona and its effects on society, the economy, the world at large. On The Professor and the Hack, journo and news presenter Hugh Riminton, and academic/author/journo/political commentator Peter van Onselen, break down everything politics and current affairs related. These two have great banter. This is the kind of podcast you’d describe as “informative and entertaining”.  

Check out episode 39 where Hugh gets tested for coronavirus cause Qantas said he sat near someone who had it on one of their planes 

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True Crime 

It’s hard not talk about how much everyone loves a true crime podcast without sounding a bit insensitive at best, and a bit of a sicko at worst. Questions about our psychology aside, no one can deny that unraveling a mystery is fascinating listening.  

Three-year-old William Tyrrell's disappearance in 2014, has had a lasting effect on the nation. While covid-19 has managed to suspend the ongoing inquest, 10 speaks podcast Where’s William Tyrrell?  is a solid way to avoid talking about coronavirus, and get up to date on the case. On the podcast, 10 News First journalist Lia Harris, in conversation with news presenter Natarsha Belling, investigates the disappearance. And William’s foster parents give exclusive interviews for the first time in four years. Deffo start from the start.  

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Ramsay Beat 

The longest running drama show in Australia, Neighbours has just celebrated a big 35 years on screen. In the lead up to the big birthday, the 10 speaks team went down to Erinsborough and chatted to the cast and the creatives who work their guts out on the show. Ever wondered who comes up with some of the wild things that happen on a soap? And how they came to those ideas? Ramsay Beat is a fun and fascinating behind the scenes tour of a TV show that really is a beast to make. Prepare to gain some serious respect.  

Start from the start. You don’t wanna miss the story about how a 17-year-old boy sent his ideas to the show and went on to become the Executive Producer.  

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