Why Women Kill: Everything About The New 10 All Access Show

There’s a killer new show coming to 10 All Access, it’s called Why Women Kill (Men? Pretty sure the answer’s men). Here’s what you need to know

Remember a little show called Desperate Housewives? Pah! Little? That show was huge, multi-award winning, and brilliant. It was also created by Marc Cherry, whose latest foray into the female experience is Why Women Kill.

Three different women, three different decades, three different husbands who are wanting. Same house though.

In the ‘60s, we have Beth Ann. Sweet, naïve – her name’s Beth Ann, for goodness sake. She probably smells like sponge cake – with a pasted-on smile that’s always on the brink of cracking. When her husband wants coffee, he taps his cup. That happens about two minutes in. So that’s two minutes before you want him dead.

In the ‘80s, we have Simone. And literally every shiny, sparkly, hypercoloured piece of fabric, eyeshadow and décor to come out of that decade. Seriously, wow. Bling city. Simone’s super rich and manicured in every way. You know, that whole vacuous, see-my-surface-only thing that rich people have. She genuinely seems to like her husband though. Sadly, he’s gay.

And in 2018 we have Taylor – a high-powered lawyer in an open marriage with a scriptwriter who hasn’t written anything in two years and whose behavior around her gf is a bit horny-teenage-boy-opens-dad’s-Penthouse-for-the-first-time. Hopefully he dies too.

Ginnifer Goodwin (Big Love, Once Upon A Time, Zootopia), Lucy Liu – who seriously shouldn’t need titles in parentheses after her name but for those not paying attention at home – (Elementary, Kill Bill, Charlie’s Angels, practically everything else), and Kirby Howell-Baptiste (The Good Place, Killing Eve, the latest Veronica Mars) play the three killer women. ‘Killer’ as in ‘impressive’ and in reference to their roles, though we’re assuming they kill their blokes too.

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