Why Ambulance UK Is Your New Addiction

Even people who don’t like medical docos are going to find this gripping as all hell

Ambulance UK, season 1, channel ten

What Is It?

A documentary series that lifts the lid on the daily and nightly grind of the ambulance services, from the people in the office taking the calls, to the ambos and paramedics out on the road responding to all manner of situations.

Shootings, stabbings, heart attacks, births, deaths, and the occasional mishap with a split acrylic nail, you will be in awe of the way everyone reacts and responds to these events.

Ambulance UK, season 1, channel ten

Where is it?

Series 1 takes place in London, where an average of 5000 emergency calls are placed in a day, with 386 emergency response units to meet the demand. This is a huge, sprawling metropolis. When the demand for help ramps up, the nearest ambulance can be miles away. It gets your pulse going just watching them go from one place to another on a mission to ensure everyone else’s pulses are kept going.

Ambulance UK, season 1, channel ten

What makes it so interesting?

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the room where your ‘000’ call is answered? Or why it can take what you feel is a long time for an ambulance to get to you? Or why you might be denied an ambulance at all? Or what your hoax call does to these people and the system we all rely on? Or how these people are affected by such an intense and important job? Even if you haven’t wondered these things, you’ll be blown away by the reality of it all.

Ambulance UK, season 1, channel ten

What it’s not.

Depressing, though there are sad moments.
A comedy, though there are funny moments.
Overly gruesome, but a little blood is to be expected.
Hard to watch. This is learning at its most thrilling.

Ambulance UK, season 1, channel ten

What will I feel afterwards?

Immense respect and gratitude for the people who do this work day in, day out. And probably high blood pressure from gripping the edge of your seat for an hour.

Ambulance UK airs 7.30 Saturday on TEN and tenplay