Who Are The Celebrities On Celebrity Gogglebox USA?

Rock stars, rappers, actors and even our very own Aussie chef, these are the celebrities delivering couch commentary on Celebrity Gogglebox USA

Ozzy, Sharon and Kelly Osbourne 

The Osbournes are kind of like Britain’s answer to the Addams Family – outspoken rockstars and TV personalities who wear a lot of black. Singer-songwriter Ozzy was the lead vocalist in heavy metal band Black Sabbath and once bit the head off a dove. And a bat. His wife Sharon is a co-host on The Talk, amongst other things, and daughter Kelly is a musician, actor, model, fashioner designer and former host of Australia’s Got TalentAmongst other things. These guys have long CVs. 


Rob Lowe And His Sons 

Anne Perkins! Fans of Parks and Recreation will be familiar with Rob Lowe. As will fans of The West WingBrothers & Sisters and Code BlackTo name only a few. 


Tyra Banks And Her Mum 

If you have to be able to sing, dance and act in order to be classed as a ‘triple threat’, you have to be a supermodel, producer, author, actor, singer, businesswoman, TV show host and a few other things, to be classed as a Tyra Banks. Tyra’s mum is a retired professional photographer and the CEO emeritus of Tyra Banks company. Sometimes ambition is learnt behaviour 

DJ Khaled and his wife 

Another one! DJ, songwriter, record producer, social media star and holder of keys to success, DJ Khaled is known for all your favourite recent club bangers. He’s collaborated with everyone from Rihanna to Kanye and who doesn’t want to watch him and wife Nicole chilling in front of a telly. 


Master P and Romeo 

Where our ‘90s rap fans at?! Make em say uhhThen make em say bout it, bout it. Then stop before you lose all the readers who don’t listen to hip hop. And, when it comes to this father-son duo, hip hop – as well as running record labels, acting, basketball (Master P) and modelling (Romeo) – is life! 


Steve Wozniak and his wife 

Woz, as his mates call him, co-founded Apple. So, you know, he smart, and he successful. He invented other things too, like the world’s first universal remote control. He also survived a plane crash.  


Meghan Trainor And Her Brother 

Meghan Trainor is ‘All About That Bass. A Grammy Award Winning singer songwriter, she lives with her husband, actor Daryl Sabara, and her two brothers, and generally at the top of the Billboard 100 charts. 


Curtis Stone And Lindsay Price 

Channel 10 audiences shouldn’t need introductions to these two. One’s a famous Australian chef who regularly appears on MasterChef, the others a former Bold and the Beautiful star.  


Reggie Bush and Lilit Avagyan 

Reggie Bush is a former American football running back. Which is cool. His wife is an award-winning dancer, also cool. Reggie dated Kim Kardashian for a few years before Lilit. Lilit and Kim K are both of Armenian heritage and look very, very similar.  


Joe Buck And Michelle Buck 

These guys LOVE sport. Joe Buck’s a super famous sport’s commentator for FOX Sports who’s won a heap of Sports Emmy Awards, and Michelle’s a feature reporter for ESPN also covering sport. 

Raven Symone 

Many of us have grown up with Ravenwatching her as a kid on the Cosby Showas a teen on That’s So Raventhen as an adult in Raven’s Home Some may have even listened to a few of her albums over the years. 


Jojo Siwa And Her Mum 

You know you’ve made it in life when there’s a collective noun to describe your fans. Siwanatorz worship the ground young YouTube star Jojo Siwa singsdances and acts on. She and her mum were on two seasons of Dance Moms and she has a hit single called ‘Boomerang’.  

Justin Long And His Brother 

DodgeballAcceptedIdiocracyZac and Miri Make A Porno - actor Justin Long has a slew of comedies under his belt. You may also recall his Apple ‘Get A Mac’ commercials. He and his brother have a podcast called Life Is Short With Justin Lonin which he interviews other celebs while searching for meaning in life.  

Celebrity Gogglebox USA premieres 8.30 Thursday, June 11. Or catch up on 10 play