Where To Find Recipes and Cooking Content on 10 play

Don’t just eat to live, live to eat with all these fantastic recipes and shows on 10 play.

Food is the soul of our world. It satisfies the present and unlocks the past.

Despite all the happiness found in food, one question burdens us daily: What on earth am I going to cook for dinner?

Thankfully, 10 play has a heap of cooking shows and recipes ready for your kitchens. Here’s where to find great cooking content on 10 play.

Masterchef Australia

The heart and home of all Australian cooking. Running for 14 seasons, this family favourite has been inspiring aspiring cooks since 2009. While there is much to love about Masterchef Australia, the culinary exploration of Asian, European, American, African, and Pacific cultures makes this a must-watch for all foodies.

With all recipes and episodes to enjoy on 10 play, there is nothing standing between you and a prawn ravioli, or a butter chicken with naan bread to enjoy with family and friends.

Keep in mind, many of the dishes are difficult to create and are tailored for master chefs, so don’t stress if a first attempt turns into a kitchen nightmare (we’ve all been there).

If you can’t get enough Masterchef content, check out Judges and Contestant Food Tips, as well as MasterClasses exclusive to 10 play.

Catch all Masterchef Australia episodes and extras on 10 play here.

Find every recipe from Masterchef Australia here.

Jamie Oliver

One of the greatest chefs and TV personalities in modern times, Jamie Oliver has an abundance of shows and recipes on 10 play.

The English-born chef is known for immersing himself in new cultures, which has helped him master the culinary trade. Throughout a very successful career, Jamie’s recipes have been translated into 26 different languages making him a global food phenomenon.

In Jamie and the Nonnas, watch Oliver and his mentor Gennaro Contaldo as they trip to Italy and learn authentic cuisine from eccentric Italian grandmothers. Or, if you’re looking for something quick and easy, watch Jamie’s Easy Meals For Everyday, where he unpacks simple favourites for families, couples, or those cooking for one.

Want more Jamie? Find written recipes on 10 play such as Sausage Linguini or Salmon and Pesto-Dressed Vegetables, and test your own culinary skills!

Navigate to the Jamie Oliver homepage on 10 play here.

Watch short instructional extras from Jamie here.

Farm To Fork

This Aussie show prides itself on using flavour from the lands around us to satisfy our stomachs.

Hosts Courtney Roulston, Michael Weldon and Sarah Todd provide the audience with a rich understanding of Australian culture and blend it with foreign cuisines. They also do their part for rural communities by using produce from Australian farms and sharing their recipes.

Farm To Fork also shows cool ways to use local ingredients for your pleasure. Faves include, Spiced Zucchini Pickles (from S2021 Ep.41), Apple & Fennel Chutney (from S2021 Ep. 87), and Tomato & Chilli Jam (from S2021 Ep.20).

Find all episodes of Farm to Fork on 10 play here.

The Living Room

While The Living Room offers a breadth of knowledge about lifestyle and DIY renovations, their recipes from vibrant chef Miguel Maestre are a fan favourite.

Whether you are looking to create a traditional dish, like Catalan Stew, or a modern fusion of culture, such as Egg Yolk and Feta Ravioli, you can find it all on 10 play.

The king of Spanish cooking has refined his cooking style over many years as a chef in Spain and Australia. However, it’s his contagious excitable nature which makes his cooking stand out from the rest.

Watch all episodes from The Living Room now on 10 play here.

Read all the recipes from The Living Room now on 10 play here.

Studio 10

Studio 10 isn’t just your average morning news show. Along with the spill on global current affairs, sport and entertainment, there are always great recipes and demonstrations on the program.

Special guest stars such as dietitians, celebrity chefs and Masterchef Australia contestants make frequent appearances and discuss all the latest food fads.

We all know cooking can be difficult for those with special dietary requirements, but Studio 10 has something for everyone in their wide variety of recipes on 10 play. Between plant protein burgers to tuna crudo to lentil tacos, there is a unique dish to satisfy everyone’s palate.

Find all recipes from Studio 10 on 10 play here.