What’s On 10 Play In September

From football to cooking competitions, wrestling to dating shows, there’s something for everyone on 10 play this month!

In between episodes of The Amazing Race Australia, where we’re watching a world-first, record-breaking amount of teams tackle the globe-trotting challenge, 10 play has also added a stack of full seasons and tons of highlights for you to enjoy.

Check out what’s on 10 play in September:

CSI Miami

David Caruso stars as Lieutenant Horatio Caine in the first spin-off of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, that followed a similar team set in the backdrop of Miami, Florida. In 2005, the BBC called it the “world’s most popular television series” after it was ranked in the top 10 for more countries than any other series that year.

With every episode ever now on 10 play, you can revisit classic episodes or binge full seasons to your heart’s content!

Bachelor in Paradise US

The eighth season of Bachelor in Paradise US will be fast-tracked the same day as the US exclusively on 10 play when it launches later this month. Teasing a format switch-up, engagements and more drama than you can throw a cocktail at, franchise favourites from the US Bachelor and Bachelorette return for another shot at love and a little bit of chaos.

World of Hunted

After the country fell in love with Hunted Australia’s very first season, see where it all began with full seasons of Hunted UK and Hunted USA. Watch as regular people become fugitives and attempt to escape the talented teams of Hunters who will do everything in their power to track them down before they make it to the final extraction point and win their share of a prize. Could you go undetected? Watch full seasons of Hunted and learn all the tips and tricks - and mistakes to avoid!

Football on 10 play

Live and exclusive to 10 play, the Australia Cup is a national knockout tournament run by Football Australia. With all matches broadcast live and exclusive on 10 play you won’t want to miss out. And later in the month, catch the Socceroos Centenary game where the team will head to Auckland to take on the Kiwis in a celebration of the 100-year anniversary of the first-ever senior men’s international fixture between the two nations.

World of MasterChef

Missing MasterChef? With full seasons of MasterChef Australia available to watch on-demand, World of MasterChef also adds new seasons of both MasterChef New Zealand and MasterChef Canada. See how the other nations stack up to our amateur cooks as they battle mystery boxes, pressure tests and all the culinary challenges that are thrown their way!

Women of Wrestling

Premiering exclusively on 10 play, wrestling fans will be able to watch the entire season of Women of Wrestling (WOW) before the premiere of season two later this month. With new episodes arriving weekly, the same day as the US, catch all the larger-than-life action, in-ring rivalries and incredible athleticism of some of wrestling’s best, including our very own Princess Aussie.

Sink your teeth into all this and much, much more on 10 play this September!