What’s On 10 Play In May

Check out what's new on 10 play in May!

Culinary crime scenes, classic comedies and a drama that puts the 'lay' in layover. We've got a handful of goodies hitting 10 play in May!


Every Episode Ever, Live Stream

This year, a handful of Fans are facing off against returning Faves from the kitchen to see who will be crowned Australia’s next MasterChef. Livestream episodes as they air, or catch up on any you missed, plus revisit the original seasons of the Faves to see where they all came from.

See OG winner Julie Goodwin’s origins, check out Sashi’s rise to become the Smiling Assassin, or watch the evolution of Pressure Tests go from a croquembouche to waffles that aren’t even waffles.

Crime Scene Kitchen

Every Episode Ever

If you’re loving MasterChef and want more cooking classics on your screens, have we got a doozy for you. Hosted by Joel McHale, Crime Scene Kitchen sees two teams of chefs enter a kitchen where an incredible dessert was made and has disappeared.

It’s up to the teams to scour the kitchen for clues and ingredients as to what was baked, so they can replicate it in the hopes of winning a $100,000 prize.

The Dog House UK & Australia

Every Episode Ever

Whenever you need a smile, a cry or just an hour or so where you get to stare at some really good puppies, The Dog House’s doors are always open for you. With all three seasons of The Dog House UK, and every aired episode of the Aussie version, you’ll be wagging your tale with these stories of pets just waiting to find their forever home and the loving people who are just looking for some four-legged companionship.

World of Survivor

Hundreds of Episodes from Around the World

Survivor fans rejoice, 10 play has added even more seasons from the global franchise of the greatest game ever played. With every episode ever of Australian Survivor and Survivor New Zealand, you can also stream 17 of the best Survivor US seasons, as well as three of the best seasons of Survivor South Africa. Grab your Buffs, get on the couch and binge your way through blindsides, betrayals and so many iconic Tribal Councils.

If that isn't enough Survivor for you, don't forget to check out Australian Survivor Talking Tribal, where some of the biggest fans and experts come together to recap and dissect all the moves from Australian Survivor.


Available Now, Every Episode Ever

When a cancelled flight leads to a drunken airport hotel hookup between two strangers, Fola and Josh agree that it’s better to go their separate ways and never speak of the incident again. It doesn’t help that Fola is married and Josh is in a long-term relationship.

But things get even more complicated when Josh arrives home only to find Fola pulling up to the house across the street. Worse still, their respective partners can’t wait to become friends with their nice new neighbours.

The Love Boat

Available Now, Seasons 1 - 9

The cult classic series that followed Captain Stubing and his crew of the Pacific Princess has now docked on 10 play. With a roster of guest stars that included Gene Kelly, Betty White, Kathy Bates, Janet Jackson, David Hasselhoff and Tom Cruise (to name just a FEW), each week the ship and its crew would do everything they could to make sure the romantic tales of their passengers were all smooth sailing.

Catch all of these and much more on 10 play on demand!