What’s On 10 Play In January

New year, new you, new highlights to love in January on 10 play.

It’s a brand new year and we’ve got some absolute smash hits heading your way to light up your living room like a firework.

From classic seasons of Survivor US to the iconic Aussie drama that inspired Wentworth, Prisoner, we’ve got it all.

Here’s what to look out for in January!


Drama, Every Episode Ever

The iconic Aussie drama returns home to 10, having originally premiered on Network 10 in 1979, the series ran for over 690 episodes and eight seasons. Following the lives of the female inmates in Wentworth Prison’s H Block, and the staff working there.

The cult classic also inspired Wentworth, the award-winning re-imagining which ended last year and featured some iconic Aussie stars like Val Lehman, Patsy King, Kerry Armstrong, Collette Mann and Sigrid Thornton (to name only a few).

Survivor US

Reality, Every Episode of Blood Vs Water

With Australian Survivor: Blood V Water arriving soon, see how the theme all began with the US seasons that started it all. In 2013, Jeff revealed that players would compete with, and eventually against, their loved ones. Hoping to finally discover if blood truly is thicker than water, the series saw the return of Redemption Island and a handful of other twists.

In 2014 the theme returned with all-new castaways once again competing against their loved ones in San Juan del Sur: Blood Vs Water. This time, castaways saw the return of Exile Island, as well as classic challenges and blindsides, all to become Sole Survivor and for a shot at the million-dollar prize.

Australian Survivor Talking Tribal

Reality, Watch-along with Australian Survivor

With an all-new season of Australian Survivor launching this year with Blood V Water, we also get the return of our favourite series featuring some of the country’s foremost Survivor experts to dissect all the big moves, blindsides and backfired votes.

This year, Australian Survivor Talking Tribal is more exciting than ever as we welcome back James Mathison to host. And who better to co-host than Season 6 winner Hayley Leake and runner-up George Mladenov? And for all you stats fans out there, the undeniable expert of all things Survivor Shannon Gaitz will also return. With a weekly catch-up during the show, you can also get an extended Australian Survivor Talking Tribal experience with the podcast!


Drama, Season 2019/20

Since it premiered back in 1995, UK soap opera Hollyoaks has been celebrated for the way it has covered a handful of taboo themes and issues. Starting with a cast of around 15 characters, the show has grown with over 50 regular characters.

Set in the fictional village of Hollyoaks in Chester, you can catch up on everything that happened across the 2019/2020 season.

Puberty Blues

Drama, Every Episode Ever

Another iconic Aussie classic, Puberty Blues is a coming-of-age drama set in the late ‘70s and follows best mates Debbie and Sue. Based on the novel of the same name, the series follows the girls as they grapple with the usual trials and tribulations of adolescence, set on the sunny shores of Cronulla.

From trying to crack a fierce gang who have their grips on the local beach to dealing with sex, drugs and nagging parents, Debbie and Sue’s friendship will be put to the test.


Sci-Fi Drama, Every Episode Ever

In the year 2077, a group of self-proclaimed ‘freedom fighters’ are apprehended and set for execution. Their only plan to escape? Travel back in time sixty-five years and stop the corporations of the future from slowly replacing governments.

During their daring escape, a police officer is involuntarily transported with the terrorists, and lands in 2012. Now, trapped in the past, it’s up to her to stop the group and thwart their efforts so she can one day be reunited with her family.

Dark Matter

Sci-Fi Drama, Every Episode Ever

A group of people wake up from stasis aboard the starship Raza. None of them have any memory of who they are, why they’re on board or where they’re headed. Together, with the ships onboard android, they try to work out who they were before, what brought them all together and why they can’t remember a thing.