What’s On 10 Play In August

Looking for something to watch this August? Look no further!

Survivor South Africa keeps heating up, we get ready for a whole new season of TV’s wildest guessing game, a true crime lover’s delight, and more puppies than you can handle.

Here’s what’s happening on 10 play in August.

Survivor South Africa: Return of the Outcasts

It’s the world’s greatest game for a reason, and this season of Survivor South Africa has had us gripped from episode one. For the first time, two tribes of returning players are split between pre-merge and post-merge boots. Getting their second chance to play a game they love so much, each castaway is doing everything they can to make sure this time they’re crowned Sole Survivor.

If you’re inspired to check out more Survivor, don’t fret. Alongside full seasons of Australian Survivor, we’ve also got 41 whole seasons of the OG, Survivor US. See the game-breaking and history-making seasons that started it all with hours and hours of the World of Survivor.

The Masked Singer Australia

We’re just days away from a brand-new season of The Masked Singer Australia, bringing us a shiny new panel and a whole new cast of wild and wacky masks. But before we start to reveal the massive celebs behind the new masks, take a look back at the seasons that started it all.

Hone your detective skills as you revisit the clue packages hinting at each celebrity that was hiding behind the masks, see their incredible performances and revel in the stunning costumes that hide the famous faces.

And don’t forget to tune in to the brand-new season of The Masked Singer Australia on August 7 at 7.30 on 10 and 10 play.

I Was Murdered

For fans of true crime, I Was Murdered gives them the rare opportunity to solve crimes told in the first person by a fictionalised but fact-based narration from the victim. While they are all-knowing, the killer is not revealed by the victim. Instead, you have to piece together the mystery based on clues given by those that investigated the case as well as friends and family.

Death Row Stories

This documentary series takes a look at real stories from the US legal system and the men and women who have been sentenced to die, the people fighting for their freedom and those pushing for their execution. The series will have you questioning guilt as well as challenging the flawed system of capital punishment in the United States.

Cold Justice

Produced by Dick Wolf, the man behind the Law and Order franchise, Cold Justice is an investigative true crime series that follows former prosecutor Kelly Siegler and her team of investigators as they reopen unsolved murder cases. With the help of local law enforcement, the series has helped to generate more than 20 convictions since it began.

Boston’s Finest

Fans of reality docuseries will love Boston’s Finest, which followed four units within the Boston Police Department. Covering the Day and Night Gang Units, a Patrol unit and the Fugitive Unit, the series offered an up-close and personal look at the men and women of the Boston Police working to keep their city safe.

6 Puppies And Us

If true crime isn’t your vibe, we’ve got the perfect antidote: so many puppies. In 6 Puppies and Us, six British households take on the extremely adorable yet ultimately life-changing responsibility of a puppy. Following the households across the puppy’s first year, see the thrills, spills and all the paw-fect moments that come with welcoming a puppy into the family.

If six puppies aren’t enough for you, we’ve also got 10 Puppies and Us, and 12 Puppies and Us, with both following more puppies than you could know what to do with. It’s the perfect binge-watch for the whole family, especially the fur-babies.

Catch all of these and more on 10 play on demand