What's Jemima Hiding?

Jemima has blinded us with her rainbow get-ups and sparkly smile, but is it all a ploy to distract us from her colourful past? Here are a few whacky secrets Karl’s eccentric sister may or may not be hiding.

Jemima, article, 2018


She’s one of Paul’s many kids

Jemima is Karl’s half-sister, but not the way we think. Many years ago, at the after party of a year 10 school formal, Karl’s mother hooked up with Paul and Jemima came along 9 months later.

Karl’s mother fled town due to the shaming she received for having a baby out of wedlock. Either that or for the massive age gap that would have existed between the woman and her teenage lover.  

Paul figured out who Jemima was using the private investigator he occasionally trots out, and is making up for lost time by wining and dining his firstborn daughter.

Jemima, article, 2018

She gambled all her money at the Echuca Hotel and now she’s after Karl and Susan’s money

Jemima thought she had it all. Her business, Jem’s Events, was thriving; booked out months in advance. She was barely able to keep up with the partying demands of Echuca’s youth.

But that all changed when a few cheeky champagnes led to a few cheeky hits on the pokies and Jemima, in a roundabout way, gave every cent she had to the Echuca Hotel.

With the debt collectors searching for her up and down the Murray, Jemima has headed for Erinsborough with a new found interest in her successful brother and his school-principal wife, and a devious plan to milk them for every dollar.

Jemima, article, 2018

She’s actually Izzy in disguise

Izzy’s back, wearing a Jemima suit, and this time she’s going to do everything she can to steal all of Karl’s refrigerated baby batter and finally give their daughter Holly the sibling she’s always longed for.

By masquerading as Karl’s long lost half-sister, and playing the broke card, Izzy can crash on her nemesis Susan’s cheap linen sheets until she drives her so bonkers, Susan will be forced to flee Erinsborough. Once she’s gone, Jemima will reveal her true identity as Izzy, the one that never really got away. 

Jemima, article, 2018

She’s Evil Finn’s crazy mum

Jemima has stayed tight-lipped about the relationship she has with her ‘estranged’ children, and that’s because she’s secretly Evil Finn’s crazy mother, (who we’re calling) Prudence.

Having live-streamed Karl and Susan’s private life via the hidden camera her son planted in a tea chest in their kitchen, she knows all about Karl and his family history.

Prudence is hell bent on finishing off the job her son has twice failed to do – unseat Susan from her throne as Erinsborough High principal.

Jemima, article, 2018

She’s a massive superfan of Karl’s music

Karl’s music may not be appreciated by the residents of Erinsborough, but it’s exactly The Right Prescription for superfan Jemima.

She stalks him on all his social media pages and listens to Sticky, Sticky Stuff each night as she lays in bed, waiting for sleep to come. (But the song’s too good to sleep to, so she never sleeps and that’s why she’s CRAZY).

The ultimate super fan, Jemima has made the long journey to Ramsey St with plans to eradicate Susan and live the rock star life as Karl’s number one groupie.

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