Twitter Reacts To The Bachelor In Paradise US Premiere

From a fake birthday to Tarzan in the flesh, there was a whole lot packed into the Season 8 premiere of Bachelor in Paradise US and Twitter had plenty to say about it.

Bachelor In Paradise US finally returned with it’s long-awaited 8th season this week and, as promised, it served plenty of drama. To share their excitement and air their frustrations, Bachelor Nation stans ran to Twitter and did not hold back. Here are some of the best Tweet reactions to everything that went down in episode one.

First it was time to meet the cast and each member got their time to shine as they introduced themselves in their own unique way. For some reason Hunter agreed to make a joke of her unfortunate IBS diagnosis as she introduced herself sitting on the toilet. Just why? Then Johnny decided to introduce himself in an old school rap music video - spitting verses about his Bachelor life and Twitter was just as confused as we were.  

Soon it came time for Doctor Kira to introduce herself and to confess that its not exactly love that she’s after in Paradise but rather plenty of time in the Boom Boom Room. Okay Kira!!  

Once on the beach, it took exactly two milliseconds for Andrew to fall head over heels for Teddi and it’s honestly super wholesome. This was solidified as they shared the first date card of the season - love is in the air people!

While Paradise is known for bringing together some of the hottest singles, Twitter definitely had some favourites.

First there was Michael who graduated from wholesome dad to ‘Zaddy’ almost immediately and no one is arguing that fact.

Then there’s Sierra who is already slaying this season and Twitter is so here for it.

And of course, who can forget, Bachelor Nation favourite and ultimate sweetheart Wells is back. Twitter has just as much love for the loveable bartender and confidant as the cast do.

It wasn’t long until the wholesome introductions were complete and the juicy gossip-fuel kicked off.

First of all, Jacob, who turned up as a new-age Tarzan dressed in nothing but a leaf, won the attention of Shenae and they shared the first kiss of the season. Twitter was not prepared for things heat up so quickly.

Serene and Brandon also kicked it off right away which had the Twitter-verse CONVINCED that they had already met before the show started.

Halfway through the first day on the beach, the first chaotic love trio was formed as Kira and Jill both vied for Romeo’s affection. Refusing to let Jill and Romeo have a moment alone, Kira injected herself into all of their conversations and even stole Jill’s drink. But it was when Romeo turned Kira down that tensions really rose between Jill and Kira. Twitter is still reeling from the chaos that was that storyline and suffice to say this is just the beginning for these star-crossed lovers.

And then there was Lace, who, unhappy with the lack of attention she was receiving, decided to pretend it was her birthday and forced everyone to celebrate with her. She even managed to get herself a birthday cake. Wells wasn’t having any of it and neither was Twitter but kudos to Lace, she sure knows how to turn things around for herself.

Drama aside, for some reason Johnny keeps talking about himself in third person and I don’t think we’ll ever recover from Casey referring to himself as a 'Geriatric Millennial'.

That was all just in the first episode. This show is wild and we can’t wait to see what else is in store.

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