The Most Wild Sitcom Theories On 10 Play

Audiences invest their hearts and souls into TV shows, so when writers leave the door open, our imaginations run wild.

TV show theories have become increasingly popular since the introduction of social media apps, such as twitter and reddit. It has never been easier to speculate with like-minded people about your favourite TV shows. Whether these theories are bizarre and far-fetched or somewhat close to reality, they are always entertaining.

Here are the most wild theories on some of the most popular shows on 10 play:

The Office:

As well as speculating about the identity of the notorious Scranton Strangler (it was Toby), fans love to toss about another brilliant theory, one that relies on one of Dunder Mifflin’s least intelligent employees deceiving everyone for nine seasons.

Accountant Kevin Malone is one of the most loved characters throughout the show. In the series finale, he's found running a bar after being fired by Dunder Mifflin for poor job performance. It was also revealed that Kevin had been using a made-up number (‘keleven’) to balance the company’s accounts. Is this how Kevin got the money to open a bar?

One theory poses Kevin was embezzling money from Dunder Mifflin for years, stealing small amounts, using keleven to cover his tracks, and remaining ignorant of the extent of the crime.

In the season 3 episode The Convict – famous for the appearance of Michael Scott’s alter-ego ‘Prison Mike’ -- Kevin says that the fraudulent insider trading that coworker Martin Nash got caught up in ‘sounds an awful lot’ like what he'd been doing at Dunder Mifflin. Fans theorise that Kevin was aware of his theft and decided to cover it up and increase the scale of the operation. Finally earning him enough money to buy a bar at the conclusion of the show. If this theory is true, then innocent and gullible Kevin had gotten away with one of the most extraordinary TV criminal operations since Walter White.

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Nobody likes the ‘… and it was all dream’ ending. However, this Friends theory has so much grounding proof, it’s almost impossible not to consider it. The theory poses that Rachel had an anxiety dream the night before she was meant to marry Barry and fantasised about five friends (two of which she knew from high school) living their lives in Manhattan. The dream ends with Rachel ending up with her true love, ‘Monica’s geeky older brother’, Ross.

In 2017, a twitter user posted this image of the Friends season 4 box set which ultimately led to this crazy theory. It is almost too coincidental. Why is Rachel the only one with her eyes open? Why is she dressed in white? Has she just woken up from a dream about all her surrounding ‘friends’?

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The Big Bang Theory:

The twelve-season sitcom has been the home of many fan hypotheses. The most speculative being Penny’s questionable origin.

In the season 3 episode, The Staircase Implementation, the audience learns that the infamous elevator had been blown up by a rocket explosion prior to the events in the show. The rocket, which used top-secret military fuel, was created by Leonard to impress his North-Korean-spy girlfriend, Joyce Kim. The theory prefaces that Penny is a US spy who was sent to Pasadena to keep an eye on Leonard after this event.

While farfetched, there are many details which validate the theory. Firstly, Penny doesn’t have a surname. Secondly, Penny has almost nothing in common with the guys, yet spends most of her time with them. And despite calling herself an aspiring actress, Penny never seems to take initiative to succeed.

We may need a Young Penny spin-off to finally get the truth.

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For a show about nothing, there’s a lot to speculate. The first theory surrounds the ongoing mystery of Kramer’s income, which allows him to afford a Manhattan apartment, vast wardrobe, and a hot tub in the living room. Some say it’s a large inheritance from a family member, or he was divorced prior to the show’s commencement. But the best theory is that Kramer was an inventor.

Throughout the show, his creativity comes out in various ways, such as the reverse peephole, The Beach fragrance, or the Coffee Table Book of Coffee Tables. So, there’s a strong possibility that Kramer’s wealth comes from a successful invention he sold for a fortune in his younger years.

Another popular fan theory surrounds the peculiar series finale where Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer are put on trial in Massachusetts after they witness a man getting carjacked at gunpoint and decide to do nothing, violating the ‘Good Samaritan’ law. In the trial, the prosecutors summon several victims to the group’s indecency over the past nine seasons and the four are sent to jail after being found guilty.

It was an odd tone for the conclusion of one of the funniest shows ever so, many fans speculated there was more than met the eye. One theory suggests the friends were killed in the NBC private jet and the rest of the episode takes place in the afterlife where their fate was to be judged. It’s a grim concept and was most likely the product of angry fans who were underwhelmed by the final episode. Nonetheless, a very interesting theory to consider.

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Mr. Bean:

Ever wondered how Mr. Bean has an apartment, girlfriend, and an income? This popular theory suggests that Mr. Bean was once much more normal than conveyed in the show. As the opening theme of the show plays, Mr. Bean is seen falling from the sky under a sharp spotlight which seems to be a UFO ray. Fans have suspected that Mr. Bean is being beamed back down to Earth after being abducted and tested on by aliens. The tests damaged his mind, leading to his ‘unique’ personality. The theory was created by Reddit user chris2webby and has gained a lot of credibility over the years.

Mr. Bean creators Rowan Atkinson and Richard Curtis have never denied the claims and to an extent, have encouraged them. In a 1997 interview with Buffalo News, Atkinson stated that “[Mr. Bean] has a slightly alien aspect to him.” It appears Atkinson and Curtis have done enough to keep fans guessing even 30 years after the show’s release.

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