The Biggest Week On 10

Stop everything and take a seat because boy do we have some exciting news for you.

This week could potentially be the BIGGEST WEEK of television ever (and we're not even being dramatic). To make sure you don’t miss a second, we’ve created a viewing guide, so you can fit every one of these epic shows into your busy schedule. We've even had a stab at what we think your busy schedule might look like (but it might actually be ours).

Whatever your week entails, we promise you won't have to fight over the remote, because 10’s got it all! And no need to get stressed about missing an episode, because 10 play has your back.

Sunday 2nd February

I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! Season Finale

After spending the weekend avoiding what’s going on in the world, get yourself up-to-date on the topical stuff with The Sunday Project – where news is delivered in a fun, but still informative way.

Then, indulge in chocolate (healthy eating starts on Mondays) and get pumped for the season finale of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! - tonight's the night you're going to find out who's gonna be crowned King or Queen of the jungle. 

Monday 3rd February

Australian Survivor: All Stars Season Premiere

Start the week off strong with a trip to the gym before or after work (or don't, no judgment), cook a healthy dinner, watch 10 News First, then prepare for the Season Premiere of Australian Survivor: All Stars.

When Survivor is over, you’ll probably be thinking “Hughesy, we have an entertainment problem”. But rest assured, you don’t. Dave Hughes and his team of comedians will keep the entertainment flowing, solving everyday Aussie problems on the hilarious – Hughesy, We Have A Problem.

Tuesday 4th February

Australian Survivor: All Stars Episode 2

Hurry home from work, chuck a pizza in the oven, watch The Project, then get stuck into Survivor. Then grab your badge and your forensics kit - its time to solve some crime with Special Agent Gibbs and "The Team" on NCIS.

Wednesday 5th February

Australian Survivor: All Stars Episode 3

Grab leftovers from the fridge, learn while laughing with The Project, watch brutal backstabbing, lying and cheating unfold on the final episode of Survivor for the week. Tweet your frustrations, then move on with the charming (and handsome? Just us?) Dr Jason Bull as he reads into every smirk, twitch and frown on the faces of jurors, attorneys and witnesses in the drama series, Bull.

Thursday 6th February

Ambulance Australia Season Premiere

Skip the gym, fall on your couch and tune in to the panel on The Project while you wait for your food to arrive. Then prepare to be wowed by the high-pressure situations our call-takers, dispatchers, and paramedics experience every day, with the premiere of Ambulance Australia.

Friday 7th February

Australian Survivor Talking Tribal Episode 2 Release

Get home from work and celebrate the weekend by jumping on 10 play for the latest episode of Australian Survivor Talking Tribal, Australian Survivor's official after-show. Get the scoop on tribes, strategies and big moments from legendary hosts - Luke Toki and James Mathison. Then, to conclude an epic Friday night of TV-watching, indulge in some Robert Downey Jr on The Graham Norton Show.

Saturday 8th February

Ambulance UK Premiere

After a big day of socialising/shopping/reading/sports (maybe a massage?), tune in to watch the premiere of Ambulance UK - where you'll get an inside look at Britain's largest ambulance service as they respond to 5000 calls a day! Blimey! 

Sunday 9th February

Dancing With The Stars Premiere

You quick-stepped your way through a massive week of TV, but it's not over yet. Grab some snacks and get ready to watch your favourite celebrities dancing (or tripping) their way across the dance floor. That's right, it's the season premiere of Dancing With The Stars and it's gonna be bloody great!