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With a fine selection of Jamie Oliver content right here on 10 Play we’ve got your foodie watch list covered.

Since the 1999 premiere of his cooking program The Naked Chef, Jamie Oliver became a household name synonymous with wholesome home cooking. Whipping up hundreds of restaurant-quality meals, several dozen cookbooks, TV shows and a franchise of international restaurants, over more than two decades, he has well and truly established himself in the food hall of fame.

Jamie has made himself at home on 10 and 10 Play having made several guest appearances on Australian MasterChef and with a library of some of his best shows available to watch on demand. This Monday May 1st , Jamie is coming back to help kickstart the new season of MasterChef Australia: Secrets & Surprises alongside judges Melissa Leong, Jock Zonfrillo and Andy Allen.

If you just can’t get enough of Jamie Oliver, feast on these mouth-watering shows available right here on 10 Play.

Jamie Oliver: Cooking For Less

No doubt, we’ve all felt the pinch of the rising cost of living. As prices skyrocket, Jamie is back with some recipes, tips and tricks to help keep costs down in the kitchen. Jamie Oliver: Cooking For Less is a brand-new series which will see Oliver explore the most cost-effective ways to cook at home. From clever microwave hacks and batch cooking, to making the most of the humblest ingredients, Jamie and his guest cooks will prove that cooking on a budget does not have to mean sacrificing flavour.

The new season of Jamie Oliver: Cooking For Less is coming soon to 10 Play.

Jamie Oliver: The Naked Chef Bares All

20 years after Jamie Oliver exploded into our homes and hearts, he invited audiences into his own home sitting down with Davinia McCall to give some insight into his working world and home life. This intimate documentary uncovers the trials and triumphs of two decades as a world-renowned chef and media personality. During the show, Jamie discusses the devastating closure of some of his UK restaurants, the powerful impact of Jamie’s Ministry of Food and even takes a trip back to the River Café in London where he was first discovered by a TV crew. In this very candid and intimate documentary, Jamie truly bares all, tune into his story on 10 Play on demand right now.

Jamie’s Ultimate Veg

It’s no secret that vegetables are key to a healthy diet, its also no secret that Jamie Oliver is a staunch advocate for healthy eating. Jamie’s Ultimate Veg is a series dedicated to encouraging meat-eaters and vegetarians alike to eat more veg. Rather than a simple side dish, Jamie believes veg can be the main attraction and is determined to show us how. In this series, Jamie cooks up a mouthwatering selection of fresh, hearty and healthy vegetarian dishes while seeking inspiration from around the globe -- meeting people who inspire him to take veg to the next level. Check out Jamie’s Ultimate Veg on 10 Play on demand right now and maybe give meat-free Mondays another crack.

Jamie’s One Pan Wonders

As the name suggests, in this series Jamie Oliver shares some delicious recipes cooked in just one pan, pot or dish. From delicious one-pot pasta to mouthwatering roasts, Jamie shares some of his best tips and tricks for creating dishes that are big on flavour but low on effort.

For some delicious recipes without the fuss, check out Jamie’s One Pan Wonders on 10 Play on demand now.

Jamie’s Easy Meals For Every Day

Join Jamie and his family in his country home where he cooks up delicious, family-focused food for everyday life. Featuring recipes from his cookbook 7 Ways: Easy Ideas for Every Day of the Week, each delicious meal calls for minimal ingredients and is simple enough for the busy weeknight. Encouraging loved ones to come together to create and enjoy good food every day of the week, this show is a must watch for the whole family. Catch it now on 10 Play on demand.

Jamie Oliver: Together

Combining his three favourite things: family, friends and food, Jamie Oliver: Together is another feel-good Jamie series well worth watching. Inviting us into his kitchen, Jamie cooks up deceptively simple but delicious dishes perfect for a dinner party. To celebrate the art of coming together and soaking up precious time with loved ones, Jamie has come to the table with plenty of fresh ideas for the ultimate family barbecue, weekend picnic, taco Tuesday or Sunday brunch. In preparation for your next get together, chuck on Jamie Oliver: Together on 10 Play on demand to get those creative juices flowing.

Find the very best of Jamie Oliver in one place right here on 10 Play.