The Best Moments From The Big Bang Theory, 15 Years On

After 15 years, The Big Bang Theory still holds up as one of the funniest sitcoms ever.

Over 12 seasons and 279 episodes, The Big Bang Theory has dished up some fabulously geeky comedy while following a wholesome -- yet slightly dysfunctional -- friendship group as they navigate life, love and the fundamentals of string theory.

15 years after the series pilot aired, the show is as funny as ever and the love for the Pasadena gang has only grown stronger among the series’ fans. In celebration of 15 years of The Big Bang Theory, here are some of the best moments from TV’s smartest sitcom.

Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty

Season 1, Episode 11: The Pancake Batter Anomaly

This was the moment that solidified Sheldon and Penny’s friendship and provided fans with their new go-to lullaby. Notorious for his intense hypochondria, Sheldon falls ill and becomes overly-cautious after hearing that Penny’s family has had the flu. To escape the mayhem, Leonard, Raj and Howard take on a Planet Of The Apes movie marathon leaving “typhoid Penny” to tend to sick Sheldon alone. After her initial frustration with Sheldon fades, Penny takes caring for him in her stride and the two share a wholesome moment- a hint to the beautiful friendship they are soon to develop. In his sick state, Sheldon requests that Penny serenades him with his favourite lullaby “Soft kitty, warm kitty”- the words to which all true The Big Bang Theory fans know by heart.

Sheldon’s Christmas Gift Dilemma

Season 2, Episode 11: The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis 

No one knows the stress that comes with the art of gift-giving quite like Sheldon does. Highlighting the panic-inducing nature of the pre-Christmas period, this moment was a little too relatable and truly hilarious. After finding out that Penny has a gift for Sheldon, he goes into overdrive trying to decide on an appropriate gift to reciprocate. To solve his dilemma, he decides to stock up on a selection of gift baskets and will choose the one of equal value. When Sheldon finds out that Penny’s gift is a signed napkin from his hero Leonard Nimoy, he decides -- after giving her all the gift baskets -- that none of them are sufficient.  And in a very rare act of affection -- he gives her a hug.

Stan Lee’s Cameo

Season 3, Episode 16: The Excelsior Acquisition

A truly iconic moment in the sitcom’s 12 seasons. As an army of geeks and lovers of all things Marvel, when the gang find out that Stan Lee will be attending the comic book store to sign autographs, they can’t contain their excitement. Unfortunately for Sheldon, the day coincides with a court hearing he must attend for a speeding fine and the thought of missing the occasion sends him in a spiral. To ease the blow, Penny decides to take Sheldon to Stan Lee’s house and as he appears in a Fantasic Four-themed robe, the live audience bursts into cheers and applause. In true Sheldon fashion, he misreads Lee’s sarcasm and winds up with a restraining order that he vows to frame and treasure forever. Famous for his cameos in his own films, Stan Lee’s cameo on The Big Bang Theory will arguably go down as one of the series’ best.

The Letter From Howard’s Father

Season 6, Episode 19: The Closet Reconfiguration

One of the more wholesome moments of the series, this moment truly platformed the deep and unconditional love The Big Bang Theory gang have for each other. In The Closet Reconfiguration, (Season 6, Episode 19) Sheldon finds an unopened letter addressed to Howard from his estranged dad. A letter that Howard received from his dad on his 18th birthday and has refused to read. In order to help an emotional Howard, the group decide to each tell Howard a different version of what was in the letter with only one being the truth. Grateful for his friends’ kindness, Howard expresses that he wished all the versions were true. This moment was a very raw and intimate moment for the group and a stark reminder that jokes and antics aside - this series is in essence an ode to true friendship.

The Best Halloween Costume

Season 6 Episode 12: The Imitation Perturbation 

Fans will have fond memories of keeling over in laughter during this scene in The Imitation Perturbation (Season 6, Episode 12). Each year, The Big Bang Theory gang take Halloween very seriously and this Halloween episode takes the cake. Howard’s decision to dress as Sheldon for his Halloween costume made for some serious comedy gold. Wearing Sheldon’s signature Flash t-shirt, Howard takes on Sheldon’s well-known mannerisms in a hilarious way. Refusing to stop, even after Sheldon becomes frustrated, Sheldon retaliates by arriving at the Halloween party later that night dressed as Howard. With their very identifiable characteristics, seeing the pair poke fun at each other is equally cruel and hilarious and will forever go down as one of the best Halloween specials.

Episodes of The Big Bang Theory are available to watch on 10 play on demand, so cozy into your spot on the lounge and follow along with the loveable Pasadena gang.