Take A Walk On The Wild Side With These New Nature Documentaries On 10 Play

From creepy critters in Colombia to zebras in Zambia, these new-to-10-Play documentaries explore the wildest corners of the globe.

Take a trip to the wildest parts of New Zealand, walk along the scorching sand of the Arabian Peninsula or take a safari through some of the world’s most beautiful habitats. A bunch of nature documentaries, that are sure to awaken the intrepid wildlife explorer in all of us, have just dropped on 10 Play. So dust off your Akubra and journey into the wilderness with these fascinating documentaries.

Arabian Inferno

The scorching sun has turned the Arabian landscape into a burning desert where wildlife must adapt to survive. Filmed in stunning 4K in the Sultanate of Oman, Arabian Inferno is a 5-part documentary series that explores the wildlife of the Arabian Peninsula. From the weird wonders of the Wadi to the reign of more than 170 reptile species across the peninsula, the series observes some beautiful creatures and the interesting tactics they use to survive in a region of extreme conditions.

Colombia’s Wild Coast

In this two-part documentary series, audiences are taken on a journey across the Caribbean Sea to explore wildlife off the coast of Colombia. Providencia and Gorgona are two remote islands that host an array of captivating creatures and curiously unique habitats. Surrounded by shark infested waters and teeming with deadly snakes, episode one explores the dark past of Gorgona which was once used by the Colombian government as a high security prison. Episode two observes  . Filmed with cutting edge camera equipment, this 2-part series provides an awe-inspiring insight into the natural wonders of coastal Colombia.

Tales From Zambia

From elephants and eagles to hippos and baboons, Zambia is home to some of Africa’s most spectacular wildlife. This documentary series observes the untamed wilderness of Zambia’s Luangwa Valley. It allows viewers to sit riverside while a family of elephants journey through the bush,  a pride of lions stake their territory, or as hippos lounge in the sun. Tales Of Zambia tells the captivating stories of these animals and the land they inhabit.

Wildest New Zealand

New Zealand is home to an entire ecosystem of unique and captivating creatures. From the very tip of the North Island to the bottom of the South Island, the country is teeming with beautiful wildlife. This five-part series takes viewers on a journey across New Zealand telling the stories of the country’s native wildlife. Take a peek into the world of some of the creepiest crawlies, discover the spectacular west coast and waddle into the world of two little blue penguins who are looking for love.

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