Sam Taunton And Michael Hing Join The Project Panel In 2023

The Project's panel has just added two brilliant names to next year's roster with comedians Michael Hing and Sam Taunton joining the desk in 2023.

Having appeared on The Project over the years, both Sam and Michael will be familiar faces to the show's audiences. Joining Sarah Harris and Waleed Aly from Monday to Thursday, Sam said he felt like he had won the lottery.

Sam Taunton and Michael Hing join Sarah Harris, Waleed Aly, Hamish Macdonald and Georgie Tunny behind The Project desk in 2023.

"There are so many comedians in Australia they could have gone with and I've somehow tricked them into thinking I'm the right person, which I'm so grateful for," he told 10 Play.

After a "secret hang" with the cast last week Sam said, "I feel like we're a good group of people. We're all very different and I think that's going to come across in the show and I think it's going to be a bit of a different Project next year.

"I think it's going to be fresh and funny and I'm over the moon, I can't wait to get involved. I don't think I've ever been as excited to work on something as I am for this."

Michael has hopped behind the desk as a guest host in the past, and now will be appearing on Friday and Sunday nights as a more permanent fixture.

"It's incredible, what a fun team to work with," Michael said adding, "can I just say, coming from almost a decade of working at the ABC and SBS, I'm really looking forward to opportunities to sell out so I can finally pay my parents back the money I borrowed from them for an exchange semester in Mexico I did at uni."

Michael has worked in the intersection of comedy and politics through multiple projects including his Logie-nominated work on SBS Viceland's The Feed.

"I guess the main thing is now we'll have a budget. You don't have to bring your own milk and teabags to work at The Project like we had to at SBS," he joked. "Aside from that, the only real difference now (and it's very small) is that every joke I make has to be vetted by the lawyers at Paramount Global, so can I just say, that's great and I love it."

Having toured the world with his comedy and performed in front of countless live audiences, Sam revealed there's really only one thing he's worried about when it comes to the new gig.

"Having to be in an office at 10 AM every morning," he said, laughing. "It's like, not being on TV or having to try to not seem dumb next to Waleed, it's legitimately, can I make it to the Monday morning meeting at 10 am?"

"There are not many shows in Australia that have been running this long and have had the success it's had," Sam said. "As a comedian, to be stepping into this role is a bit surreal, to be honest.

"It's very daunting but... it's a real honour and I'm really looking forward to it!"

The Project returns on January 8 at 6.30 on Network 10 and 10 Play on demand