Revisit Nathan Henry’s First Reality Stint With Non-Stop Geordie Shore On The Shores Channel

Long before he entered the I’m A Celebrity jungle, Nathan Henry found fame on the reality show Geordie Shore. Catch up on his history-making appearance on The Shores 10 Play channel.

Nathan Henry is currently in the South African jungle battling to raise much needed funds for Australian Breast Cancer Research, but this celebrity found his spotlight 8 years ago on the popular British reality show, Geordie Shore.

Nathan joined the Geordie Shore family in the show’s 10th season and fans instantly fell in love with him. His appearance on the show shot him to fame and he has since made appearances on several reality shows, fashioned a career as a TV presenter, released his own podcast and had his own MTV show called Nathan’s Story.

He’s now considered one of MTV’s most popular reality television stars, but Nathan was turning heads from the first episode of his season on Geordie Shore. Identifying as bi-sexual at the time, Nathan was the very first cast member to identify as something other than straight.

He made history again in Season 11 when he came out as gay to his fellow Geordie Shore housemates who were nothing but accepting of the news.

In an interview in Geordie Shore: The Reunion Series Nathan shared that this was his proudest moment from the show.

“It was the hardest thing I think I’ve ever done in terms of my TV career but it was necessary and I didn’t realise it would have the effect it did on a lot of people,” he said.

“I’m going to put it out there, I’m a bit big headed, I think I changed the show forever.”

Wholesome moments aside, in true Geordie Shore fashion there was no shortage of drama. His time in the MTV party house was filled with drunken antics, spicy pranks and hookups. There were friendships and falling-outs and even a controversial incident involving a curling iron... iykyk.

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