Ranting About The Sharma-Rebecchis

Neighbours fans are a passionate lot – God love ‘em – and not easily won over by new arrivals in Erinsborough.

The Sharma-Rebecchis have certainly copped their share of flack, but one year on from their arrival, we feel it’s time to wax lyrical about why we love them

Neighbours, 2018, channel ten


Because even predominantly white communities are made up of immigrants and/or the descendants of immigrants. Imagine if that wasn’t the case – neighbourly interaction in Australia would consist of not much more than the occasional passing of meat pies over the fence. Borrrrrring.

The Sharma-Rebecchis jazz things up with their celebration of Hindu festivals, like when Mishti handcuffed them all together to until they addressed their issues before making Rakhi bracelets for each other, and the fact that Dipi doesn’t like to celebrate Diwali because she believes the family is cursed. Love it. More like this please.

Neighbours, 2018, channel ten

Feisty Women

Dipi is fierce, people, fierce. You do not want to poke fun at her or anyone in her family unless you’re on the other side of a very large gorge she can’t jump over. Most recently, she decked a guy for heckling Yashvi at a footy game. While we don’t condone violence, we quietly confess we were proud of her. Also, she’s flamboyant and totally eccentric, which is fresh-as.

Mishti’s a bit straight but what do you want in a cop? Corruption?

Yashvi wasn’t very impressed with her mum’s punchy behaviour (pun totally intended), but she doesn’t realise how much she takes after her. Standing up to Poppy for bullying Kirsha gave us the pride-tingles. Also, loving her taking up women’s AFL. In our opinion, Yashvi is really cool and we’ll non-violently fight anyone who heckles her.

Neighbours, 2018, channel ten

Tough, Yet Sensitive Bloke

Shane is THE BEST. On the one hand, he’s the quintessential country bloke, getting around town decked out in a flannel and a stockman’s hat. When Kirsha went missing in the bush and Shane was all like – Yeah, I know everything about the bush – we practically swooned. Get a city guy out in the bush and they just cry about the bugs.

On the other hand, he’s sensitive, creative and a little eccentric. He listens to the emotional needs of his girls before trying to assist them, he cares about the environment and tries to invent sustainable utilities, and if you can’t see how funny his love of bush poetry is, you need to spend more time in the Australian countryside. They named their dog Clancy (as in, ‘Of The Overflow’) lol.

Neighbours, 2018, channel ten

Marriage Goals

Shane and Dipi are our marriage goals. We love how hot they are for each other and how much fun they have together. Even when things get a bit serious between them, they just have the best chats. And anyone who can’t see that needs to check their pulse.

Neighbours, 2018, channel ten

Nervous Nellies

In a family that’s 50 per cent feminie fierce, Kirsha is would seem a bit of an anomaly (takes after her dad). But whoever said we all have to be extraverts to get anywhere in life has only done us a disservice and is possibly the cause of the anxiety epidemic.

Kirsha reminds us how important it is to accept and support those quiet, nervous souls who not only couldn’t hurt flies, they just don’t want to hurt flies. They don’t want to hurt anything. Why do people want to hurt things? It’s sick and twisted. Everyone learn from Kirsha.

OK rant over. Thanks.

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