Psychopathic Neighbours: Who's The Biggest? Have Your Say

Neighbours has really upped the ante of late and we are LOVING how much we’re absolutely HATING Finn and Alice. Like, cannot wait to see these guys rot in jail (Or a grave. Too much?).

Every show needs a ruthless villain, and we’ve been blessed with two. So which one’s the most unhinged? Check out their rap sheets and have your say below.

Finn Kelly

Charged with 11 accounts of being a total PSYCHO

1. The attempted destruction of Elly’s career (twice) and her sanity (ongoing)

2. The poisoning of Susan Kennedy in order to remove her from her position as school principal, so that he could get the job

3. The manipulation of his student, Xanthe, into believing there was a romantic connection between them so that she would do his bidding. (Bidding = destroy Elly and Susan)

4. Sabotaging Karl’s MS study and Susan’s chances of getting a cure

5. The manipulation of Elly’s sister, Bea, into believing he became a paraplegic when he saved her life in an alleyway somewhere

6. Bald-faced lying to Bea, telling her he was just a nice bloke named Patrick who saves young girls from attackers in alleyways

7. Carrying on a romantic relationship with Bea, just so that he could use her to frame Elly for running over Xanthe in a car

8. Running over Xanthe in a car, causing her to sustain a brain injury 

9. Attacking Bea in a cabin in the woods bush

10. Attacking Bea, Elly, Susan and Xanthe in the bush, at the top of a cliff


Nanny Alice

Charged with 10 accounts of being a total PSYCHO

1. Manipulating everyone into thinking she’s a nice little Nanny named Alice

2. Bribing Nell, a CHILD, into doing her bidding. Like hiding under a house while the whole neighbourhood freaks out looking for her

3. Poisoning Nell so that the Rebecchi’s would feel they needed to keep their Nanny around a bit longer

4. Serving up biscuits out of a packet and telling everyone she BAKED THEM.

5. Smashing her own hand with a rolling pin so Doctor David would give her hectic codeine painkillers

6. Crushing up the codeine, dusting it over the BOUGHT biscuits and then feeding them to Sonya who is a recovering ADDICT

7. Calling Yashvi YOSHVI

8. Getting drunk and hitting on Karl. (Not sure if this makes her a psycho?)

9. Spreading rumours that Sonya’s drinking again in order to drive a wedge between Sonya and Toadie

10. Seriously, all this to secure her equally psychotic daughter Andrea (learnt behaviour much?) a Toadfish