Pilot Week 2019 Set To Take Off

Pilot Week is back for its second year, promising to deliver fresh, funny and thought-provoking home-grown content that’s set to get you talking!

From the larger than life reality of Sydney’s Crazy Rich Asians and I Am…Roxy!, to the heart-warming My 80-Year-Old Flatmate, hilarious Part Time Privates and controversial Catfish Australia, Pilot Week 2019 has a little something for everyone.

But how can we guarantee that these shows will turn into a full-blown series on 10? Well, that’s down to the public, AKA you guys. By tuning in and talking it up, we will suss out which Pilot Week shows have been the biggest hits amongst our viewers and if you’re lucky, your fave might just get picked up!

Pilot Week 2019 includes:

Part Time Privates

Two mothers at a local primary school decide to start a home-based private investigation business so they can enjoy flexible working hours. As their business unexpectedly thrives, they find themselves thrown deep into the world of working ‘undercover’; moving between school pick-ups, dance group and lunch orders, to threesomes, insurance fraud and failed relationships.

Sydney’s Crazy Rich Asians

Sydney’s Crazy Rich Asians follows the opulent lives of six very ‘extra’ characters and their local fixer who waits on their every want and need… no matter the cost. Expect money, shopping, cars, events and glamour by the Gucci bag load!

I Am…Roxy!

Delve head first into the daily madness of controversial PR guru, publicist, talent manager, reality star, author and mum-of-two, Roxy Jacenko. Get an exclusive look into Roxy’s everyday life behind her world of high glamour and outrageous excess.

Catfish Australia

Australian Idol winner turned Jungle Queen Casey Donovan joins Walkley-nominated documentarian Patrick Abboud on the quest to uncover the truth about online relationships. Coming to the aid of every day Aussies who have suspicions about their internet love interests, Casey and Patrick will join forces to uncover the real identities behind the hot online profiles.

My 80-Year-Old Flatmate

A reality TV show with heart, My 80-Year-Old-Flatmate takes a look at what can happen when you take a leap across the generation gap.

The show sees older Aussies offer cheap rent to hard-up millennials in exchange for company and help around the house. Expect surprising friendships and mutually-beneficial relationships.

“We were so thrilled with the quality and creativity we achieved with our partners in the production community for Pilot Week last year. We can’t wait to see how this year’s projects deliver”. Network 10 Chief Content Officer, Beverley McGarvey says. “It is clear that more domestic content is what our audiences really crave, and we are working hard to ensure we can provide an innovative and diverse slate of local shows.”

Pilot Week Is Coming Soon To 10 and 10 Play