Non-Stop Action And Adventure Right Here On 10 Play

Brand new 10 play channels have dropped allowing you to binge-watch some of your favourite Action and Adventure shows all day, every day.

Few things beat a good old Action and Adventure show. On the edge of your seat, unable to tear your eyes from the screen, they’re the kind of thing you never want to switch off. And, thankfully, now you don’t have to.

10 Play has just dropped two brand new channels solely dedicated to those among us who are true action and adventure fans. The Action and Adventure Channel and the Wicked Tuna Channel will be playing hours upon hours of quality content from wild fishing to military training and extreme stunts.

Here’s more about the shows that will feature on these brand-new 10 Play Channels:

Action and Adventure Channel

Fear Factor

It’s the reality stunt show that has enraptured audiences for years. Competing for a grand prize, contestants are challenged to a selection of extreme stunts. Fail a stunt and they are immediately eliminated, succeed and they are one step closer to taking home the prize. Think Survivor meets Jackass, this show is a real nail-biter.

The Island With Bear Grylls

Featuring the inimitable Bear Grylls, The Island With Bear Grylls is a gripping wilderness survival show. Participants are abandoned on a remote uninhabited island to fend for themselves in a true test of human capability.

American Grit

American Grit is another reality show that pushes contestants to their limits. Divided into teams of four and led by a military veteran, contestants must take on a series of physical challenges. Pushing them to breaking point, the teams battle it out for a grand prize. The show stars John Cena and is just as intense as it sounds.

Hardcore Pawn

The reality show you didn’t know you needed, Hardcore Pawn follows the day-to-day operations of a family-owned pawn shop in Detroit, USA. Pawnbroker Les Gold and his two children welcome us into their jobs and lives as they encounter intriguing sales, customers and challenges.

Extreme Fishing

Nothing screams action and adventure quite like high seas, fishing trawlers and metre-long fish. This show follows actor and angler Robson Green as he travels the world in search of the best fishing destinations.

Wicked Tuna Channel

Wicked Tuna

Offering an insight into one of America’s oldest industries, this reality show follows a crew of commercial fishermen who traverse the North Atlantic Ocean to fish for the lucrative Atlantic bluefin tuna. In teams, the fishermen battle it out to see who can earn themselves the most profit. With its own channel, you can dive into the wicked world of tuna fishing 24/7.

Don’t miss another second, check out these action-packed channels and many more on 10 Play right now.