‘Never Fear, Bushie Is Here’: The Bush Blonde Vs The World Wants To Be Australia’s Next Great Hero

As part of the Pilot Showcase, Nikki Osborne brings her viral character to life in The Bush Blonde vs the World.

Opting to speak directly to 10 play ahead of the pilot’s launch on July 4, ‘Bushie’ as she’s best known explained that her series is not the comedy series one would first think.

“This is my real life. I’m incredibly passionate about un-buggering the world… I feel like Australia needs a new hero to get behind,” she explained.

Describing herself as “Steve Irwin meets Borat, but in a hot khaki frock with a sultry accent,” Bushie said the videos posted to her social media kept going viral, “because I seem to be able to say what the punters can’t”.

“Somehow I get away with it,” she added. “I didn’t choose this path, it chose me. Everyone online started saying: Hey Bushie, you should run for PM, Bushie can you unbugger the koalas?? Bushie, fix the floods, Bushie un-bugger the world!

"So I said, alright, hold my beer. And I’ve made a show about it.”

With her signature no-holds-barred take on the world, Bushie said everyday Aussies have flocked to her because she’s “not a fad jumper”.

“I just call it as I see it and don’t try to have a trendy opinion. I do have a laugh though, because everyone’s lost their marbles.

“Also, although I’m a little more mature in years, I’ve got a really good rig.”

In Bush Blonde Vs the World, Bushie said she’s excited to introduce the country to Gideon, her life coach and Bitcoin advisor, and her best friend, Bogan Bev.

“She’s been unemployed since the last Sizzler closed down. She’d been on a steady diet of cheesy bread and bacon bits for years.”

Over the years, Bushie (and her alter ego Nikki) has been known to cause some controversy by saying absolutely everything that comes to her mind, and she promises this show will be no different.

“If there’s a line in the sand, then I’m in the arctic circle! There’s some really racy stuff… I just hope the politician doesn’t sue me for ‘defecation’.

“When it came to insurance, Channel 10 said ‘We’re not insuring your gob, this one’s on you’.”

Pilot Showcase premieres Monday, July 4. Free to stream exclusively on 10 play