Neighbours’ Same-Sex Engagement Had Our Hearts At Bursting Point

It was the show’s first ever same-sex engagement, and we just couldn’t get enough of it. Relive what went down with our commentary and necessary cute-factor ratings

Neighbours, 2018, channel eleven


The first time one of these guys proposed to each other it involved angel wings, roman sandals, a bow and arrow and terrible dancing. In other words – cheese. While this proposal was not without its dairy products, this time it involved the actual consumption of brie, followed by some terrible cheese jokes. Who doesn’t love eating brie and telling terrible cheese jokes?

Cute factor: 6/10

Neighbours, 2018, channel eleven

Lap Pools And Reading Nooks

You know you’re head-over-heels when you start dreaming about what your future home is going to look like, out loud, together, as a couple.

Cute factor: 6.5/10

Neighbours, 2018, channel eleven

Who You Gonna Call? Your Big Brother!

When Aaron realises this is it, this is the moment he’s compelled to ask David for his hand in marriage. But he can’t do it without checking in with his older bro first. And his older bro is all like – Eeeeeek, omgcantevendeal.

Cute factor: 7/10

Neighbours, 2018, channel eleven

The Bottle Top Engagement Ring

Given he didn’t plan his proposal, Aaron had to get creative with the lid of what looked to be a ginger beer bottle. Spontaneous proposals with improvised engagement rings are the best. If we see another knee bend at the top of the Eiffel Tower we might fall asleep.

Cute factor: 7.5/10

Neighbours, 2018, channel eleven

“I used to imagine so many futures, now I only imagine one”

The moment when your daydreams go from being all about the different lovers you could have, to wondering what your partner is gonna be like when they’re old and not feeling turned off by that, is a magic one.

Cute factor: 7/10

Neighbours, 2018, channel eleven

Great Minds Love Alike

Like Aaron getting all spontaneous wasn’t romantic enough, when David dropped to his knee holding an engagement watch ‘cause he’d been planning to propose that day all along, and you realise they both thought it was the right time at the same time, the cute factor went through the roof.

10/10 Yasssss

Neighbours, 2018, channel eleven

“I know you didn’t plan it, but that doesn’t make it any less special”

When your partner can’t wait to get his ginger beer bottle top ring on his finger ‘cause he’s the least superficial person on the planet.

Cute factor: 8/10

Neighbours, 2018, channel eleven

Double Engagement

And then Aaron’s all like – so will you marry me too? And you realise these guys just proposed to each other and this is the most contemporary, the most anti-take-my-daughter-to-be-your-property engagement you’ve ever seen, and you realise there’s hope in the world, and you’re not feeling as cynical about love and marriage as you used to. Ten. Out. Of. Ten. People.

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