It's '90s Week On ELEVEN

ELEVEN takes it back to the old school with a week of the ‘90s’ best TV and Movies

The Cold War ended, the World Wide Web launched, grunge and hip hop took over, the ‘90s were a glorious decade – and you can step right back into them with a week of the best film and TV from that period, on ELEVEN.

Frasier, 6.00 Monday to Saturday
Kelsey Grammer will forever be remembered as Dr Frasier Crane, the successful psychologist with a radio show whose personal struggles overshadowed those of his callers.

Everybody Loves Raymond 7.00 Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and from 6.30 Saturday.
Even if you didn’t actually love Raymond, everybody loved Peter Boyle as his father, the hilarious Frank Barone.

Will & Grace, from 7.30 Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
The first show to represent LGBTQ characters on prime-time commercial television, it might be called Will & Grace but the limelight is arguably stolen by Jack and Karen.

Sex and the City, Thursday from 8.30
Drum roll please! Sex and the City was a boundary pusher in its day, depicting sex, women and relationships on screen in ways they never had been before.

Neighbours Movie-Length special, 6.30 Tuesday
A very special 90-minute, ‘90s themed episode. Izzy’s back, Tyler and Piper’s future hangs in the balance, Toadie has a belated 21st birthday in which everyone dresses up as ‘90s’ icons. It’s not be missed.

And if the television throwbacks aren’t enough, the later half of the evening this week can be spent watching some of the films that left a lasting impression on us in the ‘90s. The Sixth Sense (8.30 Monday), Deep Impact (8.30 Tuesday), Grosse Pointe Blank (8.30 Wednesday), and First Wives Club (8.30 Friday).