Introducing, Mr. Black

A new comedy series coming to TEN.

Award-winning actor and popular comedian Stephen Curry (The Castle, The King) will be coming to your screen in 2019 in Mr. Black.

This hilarious new Aussie comedy series follows Mr. Black, a larrikin and former sports journalist. While faced with his own mortality, he has one final wish: to end the relationship between his daughter and her sensitive, new-age boyfriend.

Created by multi-award winning writer, actor and producer Adam Zwar, Mr. Black will feature some of Australia’s most well-respected actors, including: Nadine Garner (The Doctor Blake Mysteries, City Homicide), Nick Russell (Winners & Losers), Sophie Wright (Kinky Boots) and Paul Denny (Lowdown).

The entertaining series will breathe new life into the classic father, daughter, and daughter’s boyfriend dynamic. 

It cleverly draws unexpected similarities and highlights the differences between baby boomers and millennials.

Mr. Black is coming to TEN and tenplay in 2019