How To Stay Terry

How To Stay Married’s loveable next door neighbour, Terry Roach, delivers dubious life-advice in this hilarious 10 play web series – Terry’s Talks

How To Stay Married’s Terry Roach has made a career change from tree surgeon (it’s a thing, look it up) to life doctor (also a thing, but usually referred to as a life coach). While the waiting room in his home office may be empty right now (it’s early days!), Terry’s turned to the one place anyone can find an audience – the internet.

Introducing 10 play’s companion web series to 10’s How To Stay Married Terry’s Talks; a series of low-budget vlogs in which everybody’s favourite next door neighbour imparts his very special brand and interpretation of buzzwords like ‘embracing change’, ‘work-life balance’ and ‘mindfulness’, so that you can become the best version of, well, You.

Combat trust issues, get hot tips for keeping your long-term relationship spicy, learn how to celebrate tall poppies instead of cutting them down.

Terry’s got all the tips and tricks you need in order to get the most out of the wondrous breathing-exercise we call life.

Starring the hilarious Darren Gilshenan as Terry, with guest appearances from HTSM’s Marlo (Nikki Britton) and Brad (Phil Lloyd), if you want more How To Stay Married Terry, head to 10 play for the latest and the greatest talks. Terry Talks. Or Terry’s Talks. We’re not sure what it’s called, it’s never been confirmed.

Terry’s Talks is exclusive to 10 play

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