'What's On Your Box?' with Adam and Symon

Clear your schedule because come 30 August, our beloved binge-watching Goggleboxers will bless our screens with their presence once more

We caught up with Adam and Symon for an exclusive look into what TV they’ve been watching during their break of watching TV for Gogglebox.

The most addictive series you’ve watched during the break? Adam: WESTWORLD. If Game of Thrones simplified is dragons and sex, Westworld simplified is futuristic robot cowboys and cowgirls. You wait, in a few years, I’ll be one of those annoying people saying “I’ve been watching it since day 1”.

Symon: Bob - the salt of the Earth former skipper of the Bulldogs talks to whoever he wants. Watching means that we’re mates, right???

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Something you’ve recently watched that made you cry unexpectedly? Adam: Does re-watching the final two minutes of the Brisbane Lions 52-point comeback against the Geelong Cats, where Ash McGrath kicks a goal after the siren count? That doesn’t make me cry, that makes me bawl.

Symon: You Can’t Ask That; not unexpected but definite tears.

Top three favourite movies and why?Adam: Space Jam - it’s Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny; it’s my childhood wrapped up nicely in movie form.

Frozen - because with the voice I use in my lounge room when I sing Let It Go, I may as well be Susan Boyle.  My year nine media studies project - a mix of Tarantino, Scorsese and Hitchcock.

Symon: Snatch - everything that Guy Ritchie worked on in Lock, Stock was perfected in Snatch.

The Intouchables - a French film that gives me heaps of culture credit points.

Harry Potter one through seven - because it’s Harry Potter.

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What are you currently binge-watching? Adam: Law and Order SVU. These are their stories. DUN DUN.

Symon: ESPN SportsCenter. All sport, all the time.

Fiction or Documentary and why? Adam: Fictional mockumentary. The British version of The Office (the original and the best). As Old El Paso says ‘porque no los dos?’ (I think that means, why can’t we have both?).

I still haven’t gotten around to watching… Adam: My debutante ball video from 2006.

Will the trendy socks be back this season? The collection is getting out of control. We’re almost raising the bar to hit 100 pairs of socks. We need someone to hold us back.

Have your TV tastes changed this season? If so, how? Adam: Our taste for TV is like our taste for food. We will try anything and everything at least once.

The last thing you watched that made you laugh out loud? Symon: Adam choked on a twisty.

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Something people might be surprised to find on your iQ box? Symon: Paul Hollywood’s City Bakes (that one is Rach, you’ll have to believe me).

Name three reasons why you’re excited for Gogglebox to be back? 1. Anastasia has been to Greece so we’re expecting some wild stories. 2. We need to show our socks off to someone other than each other. 3. Because we’ve been away for far too long!

gogglebox australia

Gogglebox series eight premieres 8.30 Thursday 30 August on TEN and tenplay