Get These Aussie Recipes Up Ya

Having an Aussie Day shindig? No wuckas, we’ve got you sorted with our true blue recipes from The Living Room and Masterchef archives!

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There’s nothing more Aussie than throwing shrimp on the barbie. Jazz up your prawns with this bloody ripper Crispy coconut prawn recipe from Miguel Maestro.

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These pie recipes are so delicious they give Harry De Wheels a run for his money. First up is this Scots Kangaroo and Ale Pie. Not a fan of eating ol’ Skippy? We’ve also got Beef Brisket or Mini Beef Pies to tickle your fancy.


Our Kiwi neighbours like to believe that they were the OG inventors of the Pavlova, but for today, it’s ours! This fresh pav recipe is light and airy, and topped with fresh fruit that will cool you down after a scorcher of a day.


Sure, you can pop down to your local Woolies and grab a 12 pack of premade lamingtons, but we promise you that this lamington recipe tastes even better and won’t be nearly as dry as the store-bought ones!  

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Pork Snags

We’re always being told to get some pork on our fork, so here’s a snag recipe full of delicious pork and fennel, and served with a side of baked beans.

If basic isn’t what you’re after, and you feel like being a lil schmancy (or have hours to kill), here are some super-sophisticated recipes that are sure to impress all your mates

Vegemite and White Chocolate Macaroons

Vegemite in a dessert? Have we lost our marbles? It’s the treat that sounds so wrong, but tastes so right.

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Golden Gaytimes

Golden Gaytimes are the optimal Aussie dessert on a stick, but this Masterchef version of it comes in the form of an edible sphere. 

Fish n Chips

How good is running barefoot to the local fish shop after a day spent at the beach? If you’re housebound this Australia day and looking for something to keep you occupied, why not put a twist on an Aussie favourite by creating a modernised fish n chips recipe.