Get Ready For A Massive Megastar Week Of The Project

You won't want to miss a week of huge stars on The Project!

That shiny new telescope isn't the only thing bringing you more stars than ever, as The Project gears up for a massive week of megastars.

Kicking off with the incomparable, undeniable icon that is Jane Fonda, a true legend, star and activist who'll no doubt be bringing some of her signature fire to the table.

But the fun doesn't stop there, as The Project also welcomes Brad Pitt to the party. Honestly, when they promised megastars they weren't kidding.

It's almost as if winning an Oscar is a requirement to be a guest, as Emma Thompson, the one and only will also be making an appearance.

If three Oscar winners weren't enough for you, that's fine because one of Hollywood's most celebrated and decorated filmmakers, Ron Howard is joining the party.

It's truly a massive week of massive megastars and you won't want to miss a second.

Don't miss The Project's megastar week, kicking off this Sunday at 6.30 on 10 and 10 play on demand