Game Of Thrones Designer And World-Renowned Paper Engineer To Judge Making It Australia

Deborah Riley and Benja Harney have been announced as the judges for the first season of Making It Australia.

We are so excited to see the very first season of Making It Australia, and having just announced the two amazing hosts -- Susie Youssef and Harley Breen -- the show has now revealed who'll be taking the helm as the judges.

Award-winning production designer and art director Deborah Riley has been celebrated across the entertainment industry for her work in films like The Matrix, Moulin Rouge and 21 Grams.

Deborah was also nominated five times and won four Emmy awards for her work on the HBO series Game of Thrones, for Outstanding Production Design.

Joining GoT in 2013, Deborah brought a sense of realism to the fantastical world of Westeros, from the set design to the props and, despite having never seen an episode before she joined the hit series in its fourth season, Deborah's work inspired the cast and wowed the audience that grew season-to-season.

"At a very fundamental level, I believe in what Making It stands for. I believe in artists and the transformative power of their art," Deborah said.

"All of the challenges will test our makers in different ways and I am incredibly excited to see what they bring to the table."

Benja Harney is a self-taught paper engineer, although wizard of papery arts is probably a more fitting title. For over 15 years he's led a team at his studio Paperform where they create incredible constructions out of paper.

Benja's work has seen him collaborate with some of the world's largest brands and organisations. From Google to Facebook, Nike to Hermès, he's also collaborated with some of Australia's biggest names in music and the culinary arts.

In 2011 Benja created a limited-edition pop-up book for Kylie Minogue, the Goddess Edition, created a pop-up cookbook for celebrated Aussie baker Katherine Sabbath, and was commissioned to create a headdress and cape for Sia's We Are Born album.

"I’m over the moon to be involved with 10’s series Making It and to help celebrate Australian imagination," Benja said.

"I’ll be looking for an inventive approach to materials, confident colour choices and projects that are beautifully finished," he continued. "These are sure-fire ways for our makers to achieve those ‘wow’ moments we’re looking for."

Benja and Deborah will be judging some of Australia's most talented 'makers' across a range of specialisations -- from crocheting to woodworking -- in the DIY competition which showcases the artistic geniuses and cunning crafters from across the country.

Hosted by the incredibly hilarious Susie Youssef and Harley Breen, Making It Australia is coming soon to 10.