Five Reasons We Love The New Pup Shows On 10 Play

Do you like dogs? Because 10 play has gone barking mad for dog shows.

In The Dog House Australia, everyone is getting rescued when lonely pooches looking for new owners find their match in people who are in desperate need of some love from a furry friend. Adapted from the UK’s The Dog House (also available to watch on 10 Play), this show will melt your heart and is a MUST-WATCH for all animal lovers.

And new to 10 Play are full episodes of 6 Puppies And Us, 10 Puppies And Us and 12 Puppies And Us. Three shows in which amateur British dog owners find themselves under siege from the cutest and most reckless puppies.

Without Fur-ther ado… here are the five reasons why we love these shows!

Each episode will leave you smiling…

Many of these dogs have been through some serious heartbreak, so one of the best things about these shows is seeing pooches get their happy endings. Tails will wag, new owners will beam, and your heart will feel warmer after each episode.

The pups are just so darn cute!

If there is one thing we can ensure, you will want to jump through your screen and give these innocent, cuddly canines a hug. But don’t take our word for it, go see for yourself.

Helpful tips…

These shows won't just melt your heart, they are super informative. Having a pet can be challenging. The Puppies And Us series have plenty to offer when it comes to facing the many challenges of raising a puppy. On the other paw, both the Australian and UK versions of The Dog House offer useful tips on how to look after dogs – especially rescue dogs -- of all ages.

Captivating stories…

It's hard not to be absorbed by the lives of pups such as Archie, the pug cross Jack Russel looking for loving parents to help him get over his separation anxiety (The Dog House Australia). Or Cookie the 11-week-old French bulldog who is such a homebody, she refuses to go on walks with her owners (Twelve Puppies And Us). And it’s not just the dogs, the backstories of the humans are also captivating and relatable.

Binge-worthy Content…

Everyone needs a hit of happiness, so sit back, relax and enjoy all the episodes of these great shows on 10 play.

Catch up on Twelve Puppies And Us, The Dog House Australia and more adorable dog shows on 10 play on demand.