Fascinating Things We Learnt About The Future Duke And Duchess Of Sussex

Saturday May 19 will officially go down in the history books as the day His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales – informally known as Prince Harry – and Meghan Markle unite in holy matrimony. Here are the fascinating insights we learnt about the modern duo after watching 'Meghan Markle: A Modern Princess'

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A feminist from a young age           

Meghan was only a sixth-grader when she used her voice to fight for the advancement of gender equality and social justice. Thoroughly unimpressed with the way women were stereotyped after seeing a commercial for dish washing liquid, with the tagline “women all over America are fighting greasy pots and pans”, she promptly wrote to the company and asked them to reconsider their wording, and swap out “women” for “people”. One small step for a girl, one giant leap for womankind.


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She suffers from the complexities of being bi-racial

Growing up bi-racial was a challenge which Meghan found difficult to navigate. As a young girl filling out forms, she struggled with which box to tick. She felt choosing ‘Black’ might mean insulting her father, a white American. If she ticked ‘Caucasian’, she believed she would be rejecting her mother, an African-American woman who is a descendant of slaves. Even as a grown woman, she is subjected to violent hostility from people who are against the idea of a woman of colour marrying into the royal family.

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Prince Harry is a mental health activist

Violence, flings in Vegas and the infamous Nazi costume tarnished Prince Harry’s reputation. However, we’ve learnt those situations were the result of deep-rooted emotional problems that began after the horrific and highly publicised death of his mother, Princess Diana. It was unheard of for royals to open up about mental health until Harry, along with William and Kate, launched ‘Heads Together’, an organisation that aims to end the stigma around mental health.

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When Harry met Meghan

The couples’ whirlwind romance began when they were set up on a blind date by a mutual friend. While most couples are still getting to know each other over burgers and beers by their third date, Harry took Meghan to Botswana to sleep under the stars. Boyfriend of the year much?

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Their proposal was surprisingly low-key

Prince William organised a grand engagement for Kate during a 10-day trip to Kenya, however Harry’s proposal was as equally simple and romantic as you can get. He got down on one knee at their home on a Sunday night while cooking a roast chook and probably getting ready for a night of binge-watching telly. 

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Their marriage will modernise the monarchy

Meghan is unlike anyone the royal family has known. She’s older, divorced and bi-racial - everything that could have seen her beheaded some 500 years ago. Ironically, The Queen’s own uncle, King Edward VIII was forced to abdicate the throne over 80 years ago, when he chose to marry a twice-divorced American. Back then, it was totally unacceptable to marry a divorcee that could potentially become the future King or Queen's consort. However, the acceptance of Meghan into the royal family by Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth proves how much this modern day union has bought the monarchy well into the 21st century.

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