Everybody Needs To Vote For Good Neighbours

It’s officially Logies Week, and here are a coupla people you should vote for

Ryan Moloney and Eve Morey are up for their first-ever TV Week Logie Awards!

That’s right, Jarrod ‘Toadie’ Rebecchi AKA the Original Emperor of Great Mullets and questionable Erinsborough lawyering, and his late wife Sonya Rebecchi, AKA former mayor and former alcoholic of Erinsborough – have been acknowledged for their excellent service to Australia’s longest running soap – Neighbours.

*sings* Everybody needs good…

These well-deserved nominations come off the back of their final episode together, a two-hander in which Eve Morey’s character tragically died in her husband arms, on the beach, as they watched their children play in the sand, after a very short and intense battle with ovarian cancer.

Still gives us the emo goosebumps and watery eyes.

Not only is Morey up for Most Popular Actress, but she’s in the running for the crème de la crème of all Logie awards - The Gold!

Her on-screen hubby, played by Ryan, is up for the Most Popular Actor award for the first time in his 27-year-career portraying Ramsay Street’s most lovable larrikin.

To be honest, we don’t know why he hasn’t been nominated earlier. Have a look at him! One of the greats.

Toadie Rebecchi Logie Nominations

ICONIC #ToadiesTime

Before you cast your vote, catch their final performance together here on 10 play. Heads up - grab a box of tissues ‘cause you’re gonna need em.

While you’re at it, you can watch all the latest Neighbours episodes (sans Sonya but full of the Toadster), or, if you’re strapped for time, check out our monthly recaps and get up to speed on all the draaaamzzz!

Unsure of how to cast your vote? Our m8s over on 10 daily have written up a how-to guide for your convenience!

Watch Eve And Ryan’s final performance on 10 play