Coronavirus: How To Self Isolate And How Clean Is Your House?

Two shows to teach you a few things about surviving long periods locked down in the house

Coronavirus: How To Self Isolate and How Clean Is Your House? - they're two separate shows. And now, in these current times, one will likely lead to the other.

We're in the midst of the escalating COVID-19 pandemic and millions of us are facing periods of self-isolation to help contain the spread.

But the reality of self-isolation can be difficult, the advice is complex and changing all the time. It can be overwhelming.

Presented by Dr. Xand van Tulleken and psychologist Kimberley Wilson, Coronavirus: How To Self Isolate is a no-nonsense guide to self-isolation, full of useful tips and advice to help us all self-isolate successfully.

Dr. Xand van Tulleken will seek out advice from leading experts about why we self-isolate, how to do it well, and addresses the real-world challenges that crop up, while Kimberley offers insights into the psychological challenges and shares tips about how to manage anxiety.

Speaking of anxiety, who doesn't love working through mental discomfort with a bit of cleaning?

Hosted by the queen of clean, Aggie Mackenzie, and supported by a team of scientists, How Clean Is Your House? heads in to a typical family home to test and deep clean it from top to bottom.

We might think our homes are spotless, but a closer look will expose the hordes of bacteria and germs lurking everywhere we touch. Many kitchen sinks contain more bacteria than toilets and the truth about pillows is the stuff of nightmares!

At a time when the world has never been so health conscious, this show tests just how clean our homes really are and shows how to battle all that bacteria.

Coronavirus: How To Self Isolate airs Tuesday, 31 March at 7.30pm, followed by How Clean Is Your House? at 8.30pm on 10 and 10 play.

And if you miss them, because you've been chatting to mates at a virtual "house party", catch up on 10 play