Christmas Recipes For This Year’s Festivities

It’s beginning to smell a lot like delicious Christmas food!

2020 has been a tough year for many, with too many silent nights and not enough time to spend with family and friends.

Now, the most wonderful time of the year approaches. And whether you’re celebrating in person, or via Facetime, the best way to do it is by creating and sharing delicious dishes that make everyone feel joyous.

Here are a few we highly recommend. Enjoy!


Egyptian Prawns | Junior MasterChef

Instead of chucking the usual shrimp on the barbie, try these spice-infused, flavour-filled Egyptian prawns that were made by Junior MasterChef, Filo.

Tofu Tomato Salad | MasterChef

Masterchef 2020 Episode 25 Recipes

Looking for a quick and easy vegetarian dish to whip up? This tofu tomato salad is full of refreshing flavours with a hint of citrus and will have everyone (not just the vegetarians) coming back for more.

Oysters | The Living Room


Seafood is always a hit at Christmas, especially if you use Miguel’s delicious oysters made 3 ways recipe. Anyone in your family not a fan of oysters? They will be once they try this recipe.


Christmas Ham | The Living Room

Christmas isn’t really Christmas without a classic or two, and this Christmas Ham is the perfect kind of tradition to hold on to. Served with a delicious cherry glaze, it’s guaranteed to be loved by everyone.

Rolled Pork Belly with Cranberry Christmas Stuffing | Everyday Gourmet

Pork belly and cranberry stuffing is a match made in heaven and the ultimate recipe to celebrate Christmas.

Duck Rendang | MasterChef

This duck rendang is Katy Perry approved, sports the Christmas colours and it’s a cosy little dish with a whole lot of heat!

Hand-rolled cavatelli with tomato sugo | MasterChef

Masterchef 2020 Episode 25 Recipes

Handmake these silky cavatelli with tomato sugo – they’re delicious and relatively easy. The only downside is how sad everyone will be when there’s none left!


Christmas Pudding | The Living Room

If you’re looking for a traditional Christmas dessert dish, Follow Miguel’s fool-proof Christmas pudding recipe. It’s quick, easy and full of the fruity goodness everybody loves!

Snow globe | Junior MasterChef

Want a challenge? Here it is. Try re-creating Darren Purchese’s mind-blowing dessert, which looks exactly like a snow globe! Christmas themed – absolutely!

Ice cream sandwich | Junior MasterChef

This one's for all the kids - big and little. Filled with strawberries, ice cream and finished off with a crispy pepperberry cocoa biscuit - one simply won't be enough.

Tiramisu | Junior MasterChef

This traditional Italian recipe mixes two of the best things: coffee and chocolate. You already know it’ll be a hit, so what are you waiting for?