CBS And Network 10 Announce Brand New Dating Adventure Show ‘The Real Love Boat’

Inspired by the classic series, a new dating series will set sail in the US and Australia this year.

CBS and Network 10 announced localised versions of a new reality dating competition series The Real Love Boat inspired by the very iconic 70s romantic comedy/drama.

Like the original series, The Real Love Boat will set sail aboard Princess Cruises ships, with singles cruising around the Mediterranean looking for love.

With destination dates, unexpected challenges and the occasional surprise single, participants will test the sparks and chemistry they make out at sea, with the help of the ship’s crew of course.

Much like Gavin Macleod’s Captain Stubing or the Cruise Directors, the ship’s crew will be along for the matchmaking ride, and throwing the occasional flotation device out to those that get stuck in the more murky waters of love.

Only one couple will be able to make it to the final port, but who will drop anchor and who will be cast off?

President and chief executive officer of CBS and head of global content strategy for Paramount’s free-to-air networks, including Network 10, George Cheeks said in a statement, “The Love Boat is a timeless, romantic concept with universal appeal, and we’re excited to reimagine this popular series for audiences in two different countries.

“On the heels of NCIS: SYDNEY, today’s announcement is another example of our global franchise strategy to use our rich intellectual property and vast international footprint to develop new content for viewers around the world.”

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Beverley McGarvey, executive vice president and chief content officer of Paramount Australia and New Zealand, said, “The Love Boat was synonymous with exotic locations, glamour, excitement and of course romantic connections underpinned by wonderful comic tales. The Real Love Boat will encompass all of this and more.

“A dating show showcasing suspense, exhilaration, humour and love as it sets sail for romantic adventures.”

Both the US and Aussie versions are expected to air in 2022, so get your sea legs ready!

If you or someone you know is looking for love and an experience of a lifetime, Network 10 casting information can be found here.