Brand New 10 Play Channel Serving 24/7 Rush

Livestream episodes of the high-stakes Aussie police-drama all day, every day with 10 Play’s brand-new Rush Channel.

Combining action, drama and the Melbourne cityscape, the brand-new Rush 10 Play Channel is now live and dishing out a constant stream of the iconic Aussie show. Playing every episode of all four Rush seasons on rotation, fans and newbies alike can binge-watch to their heart’s content.

Starring Aussie icons Rodger Corser, Catherine McClements, Callan Mulvey, Nicole da Silva and Samuel Johnson, Rush is Melbourne’s answer to the likes of NCIS and S.W.A.T. Following the members of a prestigious Tactical Response team as they respond to high-stakes incidents like car-jackings and armed offences, every episode of Rush is packed with adrenaline.

Fielding suicides and high-risk criminals as part of their every-day, these men and women in blue don’t lead average lives. When they’re not knee-deep in the world of crime-fighting, their personal lives are just as chaotic. From complicated romances to wild workplace gossip - the show is teeming with tantalising drama.

If crime-scenes, drama and Rodger Corser sound like the perfect combo to you, switch on the Rush 10 Play Channel and get lost in the world of Melbourne’s underbelly.

Watch the Rush Channel and many more on 10 Play right now.