Binge Watch A Bunch Of Old-School TV Faves On 10 Play

We got more than 1000 hours of TV that you can watch for free, on 10 play. How rad is that.

Don’t get up, we’ve got your horizontal life sorted. Discover or re-discover some great local and international TV shows, on 10 play. Whatever mood you’re in, we’ve got something to hit that spot.

A good cop drama? Can’t go past Callan Mulvey (AKA DRAZIC) and Rodger Corser running around Melbourne saving lives as part of an elite tactical response unit in RUSH.

Get your hankering for action, mystery, drama and PARANOIA with psychological thriller Wake in Fright.

What about a dramedy in the world of politics? Check out Asher Keddie and Rodger Corser (there’s never enough Rodger Corser in your life) in Party Tricks.

Remember The Shire? 10’s reality TV show about sweet young things living in the Sutherland Shire that had the whole nation kicking off and just proves 10 was ahead of their time. Highly recommend re-living this.

We’ve got all the MasterChef Australia you can digest, as well as seasons from the US and UK and spin offs involving everyone from kids to professionals to celebrities.

And if you want real edge-of-your-seat stuff, respect the miracle that is a woman’s body and the admirable work of medical professionals with One Born Every Minute U.K.

So fellow potatoes, get on that couch and thank us later.

Check out everything you can binge watch on 10 play here