Another Brennan Babe Hits The Burbs

Now that Russ has kicked the tin and Tyler’s in the can, Erinsborough’s Brennan barrel has been getting pretty low. Thankfully the boys’ elusive sister is replenishing our supply. Here’s what we know about Chloe Brennan

Neighbours, 2018, channel eleven

The third child of Fay and Russell, in the wake of her parents’ divorce, she moved to Adelaide with her mother after which, if the tid-bits of info we’ve received over the years are anything to go by, they rarely dropped in to Port Lincoln for a visit.

Neighbours, 2018, channel eleven

Prior to the divorce the family went camping a lot. According to Mark, camping made Russ happy. It obviously didn’t make Fay very happy because she was having an affair with Hamish Roche. And didn’t that have repercussions.

Neighbours, 2018, channel eleven

Fay and Chloe separated themselves from the boys so much that they just couldn’t make it back from overseas for the wedding that Mark and Paige were going to have before he arrested Paige and walked her down the back of a paddy wagon instead.

Chloe didn’t even go to her dad’s funeral.

Neighbours, 2018, channel eleven

When Toadie read out Russell’s will, it was revealed that out of spite for leaving him (and no doubt failing to visit), Russell only left Fay a pair of old boots and Chloe an old leather jacket. The will turned out to be a Hamish Roche forgery, who you have to commend in this instance. As an exercise in spite, old boots and a jacket is inspired.

Neighbours, 2018, channel eleven

In reality all the Brennan kids inherited Russel’s boat, which Tyler hoped would be an incentive for Chloe to visit.

She didn’t.

So they sold the boat and sent her her share of the money.

She still didn’t visit.

Neighbours, 2018, channel eleven

And now all of sudden, after years spent traipsing around the globe, probably staying in ashrams and not giving a Thai trinket about her family, she’s finally paying Erinsborough a visit.

So if her older brother’s wedding, her father’s death, receiving a heap of money, and her younger brother going on trial for murder couldn’t bring Chloe back, what’s brought her now?

Cannot wait to find out.

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