An Academy Award Winner And A Real-Life Muse: 5 Reasons Why CSI: Cyber Is Brilliant

Every single episode of CSI: Cyber is about to drop on 10 play and here’s five reasons why it’s the TV brilliance you should be binge-watching this Spring.

Let’s cut to the chase, we all know CSI: Cyber is not a good show. CSI: Cyber is a brilliant show and those who disagree are lying to themselves.

It’s in the way the show serves up some of the wackiest cyber-crimes without hesitation, whips out some truly iconic tech jargon one-liners and serenades us with The Who’s soul-warming albeit obligatory tunes.

We will always have a soft spot for Dr. Avery Ryan and her band of cyber-crime fighters, and here’s five reasons why you should too.

An Academy Award Winner

CSI: Cyber’s leading lady, Patricia Arquette (Dr. Avery Ryan) is a celebrated actress in the Academy hall of fame. Back in 2015, she took home an Oscar for her supporting role in Richard Linklater’s film, Boyhood. Shortly after her win, the first season of CSI: Cyber aired and it’s safe to say Arquette truly is a jack of all trades. Also known for her role as Alison Dubois in the popular drama Medium, it’s great to see such a talented actor celebrated in one of the biggest crime show franchises.

The First Ever Female Lead

CSI: Cyber is the fourth series of the venerable CSI franchise but the very first to have a female lead. Having pushed for gender wage equality in her Oscars acceptance speech, it seems only fitting that Arquette would then go on to make somewhat TV history by becoming CSI’s first ever female lead as FBI Special Agent Dr. Avery Ryan.

Iconic Tech Jargon

In typical CSI fashion, CSI: Cyber is full of some iconic one-liners. Staying true to the ‘Cyber’ theme, phrases like “Uh-oh! There’s malware” and “We’ll need to break the encryption” are the script writers' bread and butter. Everybody loves a classic whodunnit, but when the whodunnit involves a crime-solving Roomba, criminally-charged baby monitors and a cop named Elijah Mundo (James Van Der Beek) sternly requesting a “counter hack” -  there’s nothing quite like it.

A Real-Life Muse

Believe it or not, CSI: Cyber is based, albeit very loosely, on the work of a real-life Cyber Psychologist. Dr. Mary Aiken is an Irish Cyberpsychology expert and became the inspiration behind Arquette’s character Dr. Avery Ryan. Becoming a producer for the show, Aiken was involved in the writing process and a lot of the show’s storylines are inspired by real-life scenarios that she has encountered in her research.

The Perfect Binge-Watching Length

Everybody knows how daunting it can be to jump into a new series only to realise it’s 27 seasons long and it will take a small miracle to actually finish. Enter CSI: Cyber, with only two seasons the show is the perfect length for a weekend binge-watching session. Or a few weeks of casual weeknight-viewing if you’re that way inclined.

Every episode of CSI: Cyber will be available to watch on 10 play on demand from tomorrow (October 1) so if you’re not already convinced, just chuck on an episode. We guarantee you’ll fall in love before you can say ‘C-S-I told you so’.

Binge-watch every episode of CSI: Cyber and CSI: Miami on 10 Play from tomorrow, and get set for more CSI later this year